Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nio's 11th Halloween Birthday Party and KIDDIE Buffet Set-up

As you well know, we celebrated my oldest son's 11th birthday on October 28, a few days from Halloween. So we did this by doing a Halloween Costume party Celebration! Here is what we did....

Birthday Banner from Party City

We had the kids set-up in the basement. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the basement is painted Purple, so it was perfect for Halloween! Here is his birthday banner. My friend Kat, helped me put up the streamers on the side (The idea, I saw on PINTEREST). The wall border is dollar tree table cover cut into place!!!!

Play area

We hung inflatable Dollar store creatures and pumpkins all around. The balloons were not yet set-up here, but I also got coordinated balloons. Monster window decors were from 2006!!!!!! 

Table Centerpiece

This centerpiece was bought from Walmart last year!

Candy cups

I got the candy cups from Etsy and put in M & M's and Marshmallows all in the seasons color! You know how it is, candies are like the margaritas for kids! hehehe!


The give-aways consisted of Halloweeen lunch pails filled with goodies from Target. The Tags, were hand-written by the birthday boy himself!!!

Kiddie Food Station

I put ups orange string lights and more inflatables on the buffet set-up.

The plates, napkins, and coffin cutlery holder were bought last year as well as the candy corn dishes. The body part candies were from Walmart this year!

Chicken and pizza of course - kids "staple"!

Skull Punch

The cupcake stand was from last year. I bought regular cupcakes from walmart and added my own stash of Halloween Sprinkles!

Nio's birthday Cookie Cake! I thought of having this instead of the usual cake since we already have cupcakes and lots of other cakes in the adult buffet set-up.

Birthday boy

And here is our beloved son on the morning of his birthday holding his much coveted birthday gift!!!! 

Check out our party pics on facebook. I'll post the adult buffet set-up later on!

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