Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Pink Poodle Party

My friends, you very well know how much I love and enjoy organizing parties. And so, when my friend Grace asked me to help her out with her daughter Elizabeth's 6th birthday party, I'm sure she had no doubts that I would give a resounding "YES"! After all, I really wanted to decorate for a girl's bday party (since I have 2 boys and no girl baby to decorate for)!

She told me the theme was "Pink Poodle Party" and I was giddy with excitement as we did this set-up...

The key to any set-up is proper color combination - here it's different shades of pink
purple and white

Colorful Meringue and Marshmallow-filled bowls
Pink Cardboard bowls where from Dollar store - reusable as gift box for later use

Strawberry Jelly-filled Marshmallows from Walmart - pretty and yummy!

We decorated ribbon on plane-jane jars and put colorful mallows inside

A fave of mine for kids parties - Pinwheels set-up on a cake stand - easypeasy!

store-bought tissue paper pompom decor .
You can easily make this just follow this link

Mom ordered this beautiful cake from a Local Bakeshop!
Yeah- I wish I can make one!
Feather boa at the bottom was mom's idea as well!

And in the end, what mattered most for this set-up was the huge smile and excitement we saw on the birthday girl's face!!!! Reward enough - Mission Accomplished!

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