Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Halloween Decor for 2011

Like I said, Halloween is one of my most favorite holiday of all and after my dining room was featured in HOUZZ.COM twice, I thought it best to show you guys the rest of my Halloween decor throughout the house...

Here is a picture of our home with our inflatable pumpkins up front...

Not so scary front yard

Doorway of Doom?!

Another view
Obviously, my fave decor accessory this season are the creepy curtains, as shown here on the posts and the doorway, even the chandy has these although, not so obvious because I used grey one so that the light would still go through well.

Close-up of doors

What it looks like inside

The bats, spiders and other stick-ons were from 3-4 years ago - yes, I save all my OLD decor if I can and use them over and over again, SAYANG eh! The "Beware" sign is from Dollar store from years ago and the only new thing here are the Black Wreaths, bought on sale at

Halloween Vignette

My doorway vignette consisted of all my gazebo plant and stools, some lanterns and rattan pumpkins from target, of course, some gourds and my dead mums (perfect for a creepy set-up, "good thing" I don't have a green thumb and killed my mums without much effort! hehehe!).

My Entry

To decorate the entry, I just added some good ole pumpkins, a horror book and some spiders on the plant and mirror, our silhoutte portraits just so happen to be black too.

The trick is, trying to mesh your usual decor to your holiday theme decor. So with the florals, I just added some Dollar store spiders and crows and some mesh, to make it blend in with the "halloween theme". I swapped my usual white florals with some purple ones too.

Mice on the stairs
More mice leading to basement
For our kitchen, I had kid-friendly Halloween Decor set-up, again these were all from 3-4 years ago, the window cling-ons...
Makes Aidan Smile...
Even the light fixtures got a little touch of the season...

"Itsy bitsy spider..."
Hope this gives you some idea for your own halloween decor!!

Have a spooktacular halloween!!!!!!!!! We know we will!!!

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  1. Wow! This decor is amazing. I'm totally I'm awe. The stairs are my favorite.


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