Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Monogram Pillow

If your a blogger or just plain design lover, I bet you've read this already...

Awesome team of John and Sherry Peterik of the popular blog YOUNG HOUSE LOVE (YHL)

I read thru this from cover to cover in a day, and there are so many awesome, do-able and definitely cute projects to do here.

The first one I tried is this...

#193 Sketch a Pillow

I already had the same pillow covers from IKEA and I always wanted to do something unique to it, something ME, something like this...

Yup, I made this and I am so happy and proud!

Always wanted monogrammed pillows

Here's how I did it using these materials...

Fabric pen from Amazon, the rest is from Steven's

I first folded out a plain copy paper into 4 equal parts for my pattern. 
Since I was planning a Diamond Monogram on my pillow, straight lines and equal measurements were a must.

Drew a diamond using the 4 mid-portions of the paper as guide

I then drew my monogram, copying some images from the internet..

I then photocopied my original 125% larger to fit my pillow nicely..

See the difference?

Then placed the graphite paper on top of the pillow,  then my copy, then traced away...

This is how it looked like once you remove the graphite paper. 
Then I colored away.


 I cut a cardboard triangle to trace my corners and make it all even,
 then I just followed the edges and colored free-handedly.
 I dried them overnight before I inserted the pillows in.

I erased the lines from the graphite paper using plain eraser and it worked!
BUT, it did remove some of my fabric color, so I had to re-color some parts . 
Not sure yet what will happen if I wash them, I think the graphite lines will come off better.

One for my hubby

And one for me!

I love that they look hand-made, not-perfect at all. 
As you can see, you can tell I only colored this thing but I LOVE THEM! 
My own monogrammed pillows MADE BY ME!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO SHERRY AND JOHN PETERSIK  for their wonderful book and all the inspiration! You GUYS ROCK!


  1. Love these Vel! They're so special :) And they turned out so nice! Perfect project for me - I looove colouring so much it's like I never grew up :) I used to take over over my nieces colouring books!

  2. These look really good! Nice choice of color!!

  3. Hi Vel, I read that book and I tried the same thing on a printed fabric. It turned out alright but the fabric pen I used bled a little. I still wish it was embroidered. Great idea though! Your green looks awesome on that grey chair.
    xo Nancy

  4. they look amazing with those chairs! love the pop of green!

  5. You rocked this one. I love it. OK, I need to get that book. Your chairs are fantastic, too.

  6. This is my kind of project - monograms with no sewing machine!!! You did a great job here :) Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  7. I love these Vel! The monograms are perfect and the green looks amazing against those chairs. They are absolutely terrific!

  8. They look SO good on your pretty chairs! Easy project with outstanding results!


  9. Very pretty...What a nice and easy way to do it...thank you..:):)

  10. I love monograms, and this looks amazing. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. Cute! Love the handmade look, fabric paint pens are so great. I have just recently discovered what you can do with them!


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