Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lincoln's Home TOUR

I think it's quite appropriate for me to post this on this day, after all, it is PRESIDENT'S DAY tomorrow!

We have been admirers ( my hubby and I) of the 16th U.S. President even way back when when we were still in the Philippines. From books about him to his speeches, we tried to "devour" anything and everything ABE.


So about 2 years ago, we were fortunate enough to visit the "Mecca" for Lincoln Admirers like us.. his home in Springfield, Illinois. Take a look..

Where Abe and his family lived from 1844-1861

Corner of 8th and Jackson St.

View from the house - this Presidential memorial inlcudes the 4 blocks surrounding the house

Once you enter, to your left is this room...

Formal Parlor

No kids allowed here in the ol' days but today, my boy is enjoying the sites

This was where the President recieved guests. This was also considered the most well-decorated  part of the house since Mrs. Lincoln was said to have excellent tastes.

Significant sofa and room

To your right and across the Formal Parlor is the FAMILY ROOM...

Can imagine Abe and Mary reading here while the children play...

Stereoscope on the table - sort of like the "View Master we have nowadays
 From the Family room you can see the DINING ROOM...

2 other chairs were placed beside the sideboard to accomodate the railings for tourists

Upstairs are of course,  most of the bedrooms. 
Atop the stairs, this bedroom will be on your left...

Robert & Tad Lincolns Bedroom turned Guest room

Of course, no BLINDS back then!

I really love this room and don't you think the wall paper color (pantone green) and pattern is so in season for this year?!!

Across from the Guest room is Abe's Bedroom...

Abe's Bedroom

Yup, Huge, LONG bed for just him. Mary Todd's bedroom is behind his. Back then I guess it was the norm for couples
to sleep in separate bedrooms!

Don't you love this wall paper?!

A small secretary for the president where I assumed he answered a lot of the letters
Then we have the KIDS BEDROOM...

Willy and Tad's Bedroom

And then downstairs again, you have this bedroom...

Hired Girl's room - take note the word HIRED, because this servant was paid and was no slave.


Back of the house

The Out House - we know what these were for.. ;-)

Some of their stuff dug out from the lot

What the house may have looked back then - vegetable garden, A MUST!

I included here this short YOUTUBE video of a virtual tour of the home if your interested to know more about it.

Hope you enjoyed this short tour of the Lincoln Home!!!

Our Family on the steps of the Lincoln Family Home

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  1. I have never been there. Growing up in Virginia allowed me to visit some of the earlier (and grander)president's homes though.

  2. Nice tour, Vel! Mi first time "visiting" his home, I love it, the fireplaces, the wall-paper, and the furnishings are very pretty!


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