Sunday, June 16, 2013

Outdoor Space for 2013

I've been slacking with my blogging - and this is why....

Post-vacation fix
We've been busy (post-vacation) fixing up our outdoor space for the summer.

After we got back from our wonderful cruise, the kids were itching to swim again (as if they didn't get enough of that!) and my husband and I wanted to continue our outdoor R & R right at home!

So after unpacking, cleaning, washing, re-arranging, we are happy once again with our outdoor space!

I made a couple of changes, here is what it looked like last year...

Some switcheroos
I switched the rugs between the living and dining area and changed  the Dining area orientation. That way, I could put my bar height table and chairs also in the dining area. I also moved the grill to side instead of the back - easier access still to all the food but more space for my main griller!

Brought out my old TARGET outdoor pillows for the Dining chairs

Opened up Living area

I also opened up the living space towards the Dining space for a more open and convenient set-up. Before it looked like this...

Open to the pool area only
As you can see the 2 chairs block the way towards the Dining area.
Now it looks like this...

Everyone can get into the party!

Pool still very accessible with this lay out

I also added these...

Garden shelf & Chiminea

 We love to entertain and so having easy access to some essentials was necessary. I found this foldable Garden Shelf at TJ Maxx for $39. This day I had the essentials out since I was preparing for some guests to come, but I plan to put plates, cups, cutlery inside a box when not in use.

Notice too the gold lamps? Those were scores from Homegoods years ago and I just recently spray-painted them gold, it used to be like this...

Rusted white - not my style

Inverted my black planters for my fern

Simple Coffeetable  vignette with Threshold clearance lanterns - missing candles still

View from the sofa

Birdcage with plant and succulents inside
Shower room swing gets some pillows and flowers
And after the hard-work, here is what we had last Friday - an outdoor get-together for the mom of my friend who's leaving.

Hoping for more of this this summer!!!

Have a Wonderful Week!

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  1. Oh Vel it looks gorgeous! What a beautiful space, looks like a fun party :)

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! Love it all!

  3. Vel, what a beautiful space you have. I love the pop of yellow against the dark colors. I would swim in that pool everyday if I lived there :)

  4. AMazing space Vel, and really looks like youre enjoying it to the fullest! What a beautiful backyard you have. Love your decor and that pergola...want one badly!
    xo Nancy

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous space. What I wouldn't give........It looks beautiful! Have a wonderful week! Wanda

  6. Oh Vel! What a magnificent outdoor space you have! I love it all! That shower room and the pergola are my faves, well the pool too! ;)

  7. Wow, do you take reservations? Your back yard space is stunning...just love the pops of color. Especially the yellow..good job!

  8. Oh i am totally green with envy, I love your backyard, the lounge, eating and BBQ'ing space, then the pool. I so miss ours from the old house. This looks totally amazing. Hugs, Marty

  9. Oh so inviting. What a great summer entertaining space! You did an amazing job. I like how you refurbish things.

  10. Vel, your yard is just beautiful. What a totally gorgeous job you have done decorating it! Enjoy every minute you get to spend out there! :)

    1. Coming from you Kim, it means sooo much to me, thank you!!

  11. Neat as a pin and so inviting! I love it!

  12. What a beautiful space! I love it.

  13. Hi Vel - your space is beautiful. So calm and relaxing. Love the pops of yellow - especially the umbrella!!!! Jane

  14. GORGEOUS!! Can I come over?! :)

  15. Oh my goodness! This is extraordinary! What a beautiful space to host friends and family. Just love it!

  16. You have a beautiful home and a very relaxing and inviting outdoor space, Vel. I would love to be one of your guests. I love all the changes that you did....Christine

  17. What a fabulous space, Vel. I don't think I'd ever go inside...

  18. Your home is gorgeous!! Not sure how I haven't found your blog sooner, but I'm so glad I'm here now. We just got the same gazebo this year and I absolutely love it. It makes hanging out in the heat so much better.
    You have a great outdoor space. Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a beautiful outdoor space and your family too! What a blessings to have such a nice spot to have everyone gather...great times for sure!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  20. Vel, everything is really arranged beautifully. I really like your furniture arrangement better the way you now have it. I'm now following you on Google+.


  21. Oh my goodness, Vel, this all looks beautiful and so very inviting! I really like how you've created separate but flowing spaces -- so nice!

    You asked me about my coffee filter wreath. I was a total copycat on that wreath and got ideas from Pinterest, but my main source was Amanda at She had a very good tutorial. The wreath is simple but time-consuming. Just keep a dish of water handy, because you WILL burn your fingers a few times with the hot glue -- totally worth every "ouch!"

  22. It is beautiful, Vel! I love your backyard. It looks so inviting and a great space to hang out and enjoy the summer. :)


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