Sunday, July 19, 2015

Neutral Summer Dining Room

Unlike my Blue Summer Living Room which I just shared with you all last week HERE.

Our dining room for this summer is quite Neutral.
The reason being, I wanted to display some of the things I bought from the Philippines in this space!

Let's take a look...

Except for some touches of green, this room is neutral territory all the way!

This beautiful abaca runner was my jumping off point.
 Abaca is a natural fiber that is commonly used in the Philippines, and I love how the leaves on the edge are embroidered on it!

Simple centerpiece with my brass candlestick collection and the glass coral I scored from WISTERIA

Simple glass shelves display
I got all the bisque urchin and shell votive containers also from the Philippines.
A lot got broken during travel, luckily for me, gluing them back together was a cinch and because of the pattern on then, not obvious at all!

My Buffet table vignette
I know it's quite atypical to display Santos in the Dining room. Not so in the Philippines where a lot of homes display a copy of Da Vinci's "Last Supper" or other religious imagery.

I scored the cross from WISTERIA as well, and the sheep is an Easter clearance find from TARGET.  The Santos Busts are genuine antique I bought in Vigan, Ilocos Sur - a northern province in the Philippines, one of the many places we visited there during our stay.

St. Paul & St. Agustin 
It's made of solid wood so it was quite heavy. 
It came from  huge old Statues acquired thru an estate sale of sorts. 
The body was in disrepair, but the heads were still beautiful and intact (lucky for me).

I love seeing these finds I brought home. 
Reminds me so much of my last visit to the Philippines.

How about you, do you like buying things for your home when you travel? What's your favorite travel find that you display in your home?

Have a Wonderful Week!



  1. Oh wow, you did find some wonderful treasures. I love the Santos, they are amazing.

  2. Very pretty Vel! So nice to have special travel finds to decorate with. I have a few things around my home but one of my favorites is a painting I bought on the street in Florence Italy. It's a small painting but it so beautifully captures the gorgeous view of Florence. Every time I look at it, I think about going back...
    Have a great week! Shelley

  3. Vel, you got so many treasures, love them all! In Latin-america it's also quite normal to use religious imagery as home decor, what a great find are those busts!

  4. Beautiful room! Love the table runner and your other touches. So special to have meaningful memories layered into your home!

  5. I too love bringing home decor as souvenirs, great conversation starters and mementos...

  6. I love that you decorate with beautiful things from your travels. When vacationing, I always try to pick up a little something to display at home to remind us of our trip. Love how you used these!

  7. Nothing makes a room more special that treasures that have meaning. Your room looks amazing (wanting your ghost chairs!!)

  8. I think decor from traveling adds such a personal touch and provides alot of charm. Your santos are amazing! Happy you were able to save your glass pieces, too. Jane

  9. Love your dining room Vel and your antique busts. It's so great when you can find treasures like that to bring home from your travels.

  10. The embroidery on the runner is really beautiful.

  11. You know I luvvvvvvvv neutral :) Looking gorgeous, Vel! My nephew is living in the Philippines....gotta ask him to send me those urchin votive holders. But maybe there are too fragile to ship. Cheers

  12. This makes my neutral-loving heart happy! Love how you made the space so special by incorporating your gorgeous finds from the Philippines!

  13. Hey, Vel! The room is lovely. I have the tray on your table and get tons of compliments on it. I love santos figures, too, and have a large one that everyone else in my family hates, so she's currently stored in the closet. Where did you get your ghost chairs? I need to order one and have found a couple sources but prefer personal recs over online reviews.

    1. Mine are not from Kartell though, got them from Amazon and has held up very well since we got them 4 years ago!

  14. I love it! It is so different looking in neutral! Great way to mix things up.

  15. Hello Vel,
    Loved this post on The Shabby Nest Frugal Friday link party! What a super cute idea!

  16. I love your new antique busts! Great finds!


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