Thursday, July 2, 2015

An Embarrassing 'Secret'

I have an embarrassing 'secret' to share.
It's our horrific garden landscape right now. 

You can hardly see our house anymore

Windows covered all the way up here....

... and here

Weeds everywhere


Uuuuuggggghhh! Sorry weeds everywhere!!!!

Our Crab apple is so ginormous already as well as an aberrant maple by the mail box!

I don't think there's any decorative landscaping in this area
Aside from the fact that I can't sew, I also can't garden. :-(
Hopefully we'll be able to remedy this soon since I miss "seeing" our house!

Any suggestions other than gutting our current landscape and re-doing it all over again????

Hope your garden is doing much better than ours!

Have a Great 4th of July Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Oh, it happens, specially when you have a new baby at home, one tends to neglect the garden specially. You cracked me up sweet Vel, lol..
    Here you have lots of work for the summer...hahahahaaa...I'm sure your hubby will get you help for it.
    Happy 4th. of July sweetie...and for yours.

  2. I am not a gardener either, Vel! My husband is a wiz though and he loves his hedge trimmer! Good luck, can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Why don't you just hire a gardener who can trim the bushes and shape the trees, Vel? You have a beautiful home....Christine

  4. Don't be embarrassed in the have been slightly busy! A good gardener who knows his way around a hedge trimmer will have your landscaping looking lovely in no time! Enjoy your 4th of July weekend, Vel! xoxo

  5. It's amazing how fast those landscape plants grow - and they start out so small, lol. Right now I have a"dwarf" lilac that should be renamed behemoth. It is in desperate need of a haircut! All your yard needs is a trim and it will be beautiful again. Personally, if the $ is available. I would hire the job out. Some trees and shrubs don't like to be pruned in the summer. Good luck - whatever you decide, I know your yard will be terrific. Happy fourth to you Miss Vel! Jane

  6. Time to hire some one!!
    Some much faster...

    Can't wait!

  7. Ooo. ..looks like it's time to hire a least to get you started.
    It also looks like wherever you live things GROW!
    Can't wait for the end result!

  8. I'm sure you could just trim things up and it would be lovely! I have lots of plants/bushes/trees that get out of control quickly, so I just prune them throughout the year. It'll be looking fine in no time! :)

  9. Have the shrubs and trees trimmed and it will look much better. Just hire a local landscape company or people that cut lawns can usually do it. Have the shrubs and trees groomed and it will look much better. I'm sure it will look great once you do that. We've had it done for us and they clean up the debris and take it with them.

  10. You are so funny! Considering that we have no grass and drought-tolerant landscaping, yours looks very lush to me! If you just hired someone to clean out your beds and trim the trees, I'm sure it would look 100% better.

    Hope you've had a wonderful 4th!

  11. Hi Vel! Now I'm sure you haven't been busy at all! :) I;m just teasing because I know how busy you must be with your children and all it takes to run a household indoors much less outdoors. I agree with Liz, have your shrubs trimmed and it will look wonderful! Your home is beautiful. Hope you and your family had a nice 4th.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Your home is beautiful, Vel. It only needs a little bit of trimming, you can either ask hubby to do it or hire help and your landscape will look gorgeous again. I am a gardener too. :) Hope you had a fun July 4th celebration!

  13. Your home is beautiful, Vel! Trimming of all the shrubs and trees and it would look much better! ;)

  14. Hey Vel, Get those kids out there to weed and make it a game or competition...then use Roundup! Your home is so beautiful, some trimming of the trees way back with buy you some more years with the same landscape. Our rainy summer is making the weeds extra crazy and I can't stay on top of it either. Just want to mention that our blog link is now so you don't have to go thru the website. You have been such a loyal follower, I hope you'll continue to visit. Have a wonderful summer, and love all your fun trip pics on IG! xo Nancy


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