Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Art of Gift-wrapping

All my friends know how much I love to give gifts and all the more,  wrapping them up craftily and carefully, suitable to to celebrants upcoming celebration or occassion.

 I always believe the presentation is equally important as the gift itself, to entice the receiver of what wonderful things may be awaiting inside.

I hardly use bags because 1) they're quite pricey and 2) sometimes hastily chosen ( don't feel bad if your a gift bagger, I do this occasionally too!). So personally, I find satisfaction in the process of enclosing a gift in a box and adding any other whimisical fanciful decoration I can add on ( in other words, whatever is in my craft drawer). Here are a few examples:

Gift for a 6 year old

For a Tweener

For a 1 year old cutee

Love foam stickers

For a cowboy-themed party

For a little Diva

For another little Diva

For my tweener son - his fave color YELLOW

Another gift for my son

A gift for my hubby

For a Colleague

For a friend

For our sweet neighbor

For my neighbor
I like using foam stickers for kids and personalizing it with their names. Most kids can't read yet but they know their own name, so I feel that it gives them a sense of ownership when they see their names on the gifts.

I also love using ribbons, all sorts! I hardly use pre-made ones, but most of the time make up my own. If I don't make my ribbons, I RECYCLE A LOT. I use ribbons from old gifts all the time and even the typical ribbon you can buy, I try to spruce it up like this...

Housewarming present
 And as part of recycling, other than recycling gift boxes only, I also use nice clean boxes like the one below, from a catered food I had recently....

Baby Shower gift
With again ribbons and glue gun, the gift box turns into something more fanciful I think.

And of course, when time is short, I also use bags...

Birthday Party Gifts

Hope this gives you some ideas next time you wrap your presents! :)

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