Saturday, April 21, 2012

And the Winners are..... Dining room update

Finally, after all your inputs, going over and over again my blog post on Dining room chairs and much pondering on my part. I have decided to get the dining room chairs that I think fits best our space and our taste.

And so the winners are....


Yes, I chose two types of chairs!

Somerton Chairs from


Willoughby Chairs from West Elm
I am so happy with these two chairs! Although it took me a while to get them (almost 2 months!), they were truly WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

I got the Somerton Chairs first. We had to attach all four legs on this one which was pretty easy. Then we got the Willoughby Chairs only recently. We had to attach the back rest along with the front feet, a little more difficult than the Somerton chair assembly, but still, fairly easy.

I chose two types because, although one whole set is the usual for Dining rooms, and by any means, that is the most practical way and also beautiful way, My LIKING so many things and chairs in particular, made this decision easy. And fortunately for me, although I only saw pictures of these chairs online, they turned out to be a perfect match for  each other!

Love the curves of this chair so much! It is also so comfy!

The Somerton's wood stain matched exactly our old dining table (lucky me!)!

Did I mention to you that we got this Dining table at Value City Furniture on clearance? You'll never guess for how much, but we love it nonetheless and did not think of replacing it. It has scratches up top, but I like it that way, it gives the table character and also reminds me of the memories of all the wonderful dinners we shared on this table. It is definitely a keeper for us. I don't really like furniture that is  TOO PERFECT anyway, since I'd be afraid of using it! (Yikes!) :-)

Love that this is a little more "serious" than the other  four
The Willoughby is a little more serious, and I like it that way since it is after all, the "Head Chairs"! They are actually quite comfy despite its stern appearance because you can rest your whole back on them up to your neck. The fabric matches the Somerton's and althought the legs are stained a little darker, they are still brown and looks great with the rest of the set. Pictures don't do justice to these babies.

And here is what the Dining room looks now with these new beautiful chairs...

I can't wait to host a dinner here. The dining room looks really nice with these new chairs.

Now, if I can only find the right China Cabinet and wine bar and window treatments and wall treatments and....Oh well, it really never ends does it... :-)

Have a Gorgeous day!!!


  1. So I just ran across your site because I'm thinking of buying the Willoughby west elm chairs too and was looking for reviews.

    It looks like you may have just gotten them, but I was wondering how they feel after sitting on them for a while, say a long dinner. Is sitting on them still comfortable? How's the fabric holding up?

    1. Hi Sonia! I sprayed the fabric with the Scott's furniture protector spray, and so far I haven't had any stains that got stuck on it. The fabric is not smooth, it has sort of like a basket-weave kind of feel to it. In terms of comfort, the longest I've sat on it was 2 hours of non-stop talking with my girlfriends, and I felt comfortable because of the high back, I could lay down my whole back up to my neck (I am 5'8"), the seat is still not very soft, but I'm thinking over time it will soften to your liking.

      I love these chairs, but of course, it depends really on your personal taste. Good luck with your search and hope this helps you out. :-)

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