Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lighting Upgrade

Our kitchen is not my most favorite room in our house...

See what I mean..

Aside from my mess, the lay out is just not my style. The cooktop, which is on an island, makes this island practically almost useless for anything else other than cooking. And when I cook, it is sometimes very hard to see because of the distance of the lights.

So I wanted to install one of these...

Pendant light kit

I wanted pendant lights on the island, so that I can see things better. However, this one above from Ballard Designs cost  $99 at least for one!  So when I went to our local Menard's Store, I was lucky enough to find this...

Pendant Light Kit

$14.97 each!!!!! I grabbed 3 of these babies and bought the white glass shade and total cost was around $30 (with tax included!)!

I ended up having 3 of my light fixtures done for the price of just ONE LIGHT KIT at a higher end store!!!!

So with these, here is what the island looks now...

Much brighter!

Up close

For a happy cook

Now, if only I can change those glass block tiles on the island... hmmmm..... :-)

Have a Nice Day!!!!!


  1. A really creative mind. Very nice

  2. thank you, I think people get creative when they want to save! :-)

  3. Awesome upgrade! I do not think you could have picked out better light fixtures. These really have made a huge difference in the room.

    1. Thank you for appreciating! We are loving it too! :-)


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