Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home Movie Theater Updates

Here are some updates on our home movie theater...

1) Curtains

Rods in place
My hubby added these wooden dowels to hang our curtains.  The hole in the wall, which I think the former owners of this house used as a trophy case, turned out to be very useful for our Home movie theater. It now houses all the gadgets like the Blu-ray/dvd player and the PS 3, DVR etc.

With curtains
Cost of Curtains? ZERO. These were our old curtains we bought from Ikea for our old rental house in Carbondale! We used all 4 panels for this.

Then we bought a looong baseboard and used it as a valence...

Not bad... not bad at all!

2) Seating

I mentioned before that we got something free at last from our local furniture store, BRYAN'S. And this is why...

Recliner seats

These seats are super duper comfy! And they are hi-tech since they are automatic! Everytime we use them we feel like we're on a First class trip to somewhere.

And since it would be a hassle trying to crane your neck out if you sat at the back, my hubby built a platform for the sofa in order to elevate it from the floor. Cool!!!!

Of course, once we carpet the whole flooring this plywood won't be seen anymore. But the viewing experience now at the back is so much better.

Viewing pleasure

Stay tuned as we slowly turn this space into our Movie Haven.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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