Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home-made Movie Theater Screen

Did you know that aside from me, there is another very creative and hard-working person working up our home???

It is none other than my wonderful husband!!!!!

Am I not lucky?! :-)

Yes, yes, I know, lucky me huh?! I agree, especially with his latest project that got me super-amazed at what he can do once he sets his mind and hand, into something.

Here is what he did...

I asked him how he did this, and this was how he explained it to me:

First of all, the materials:

1 x 4 wood
Black Velvet fabric
Seamless paper

1) Cut your wood to size

2) Assemble your frame using your L brackets

3) Cover your frame with the black velvet fabric using your stapler. He says that is important to you a fabric like velvet so that it will not reflect unto your screen (that's why all the movie houses have velvet curtains on the screens sides?!).

Assembling the frame

close-up view of the corners

4) Add the paper - this part is tricky - I actually helped him with this one because when he tried to do it alone, there were lots of un-even-es on the screen. We did this carefully using the stapler, but if your gonna try this, use duct tape or masking tape first before stapling, because it is very hard to remove them once set (like we did, when we adjusted the paper).

Finished product
Our Basement/ Media Center is a work in progress... Stay tuned on how we slowly transform this purple space into a our Movie Space!

Have a Nice day!!!!!!


  1. That is great! We like to watch movies outside but usually just hang up a sheet. This is much better!

    1. Thank you! Although, for outdoors, we used a projection screen, for $150+ on amazon, check out my post on OUTDOOR OASIS if you have the time. This one would work outdoors but you would have to put it back in because rain will definitely ruin this. :-)


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