Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blue- but- not- really BLUE Bedroom

All winter long and this early spring, our bedroom had a minor transformation...

Master Sanctuary

I bought the drapes from on CLEARANCE for $22/panel. Pretty good deal I think, compared with the original ones I hung here, that were more than twice that price!

The design was modern damask, bluish silver in color. I think for the price and style it is a good alternative curtains to our bedroom.

Not too flashy print

Here's another look

I bought the duvet covers from TJ Maxx on CLEARANCE- major clearance. They are from TAHARI HOME, and was like more than 80% off! It is the most luxurious duvet I've ever had, and I threw away the packaging so I actually don't know what it is made of! But it is very cool to the touch and warms up right away once we're tucked in.

The  other new things are the bench - of course, from my fave TJ Maxx for $149. It is a lovely bench with natural stained, slightly curved legs, feminine but not glaringly so, and the recliner. The recliner was actually my Christmas gift to my husband ( bought it at a local furniture store - Bryan's) -  it the most comfy recliner ever ( and also decoratively appealing :-)), the fabric is grey suede and called "Lashes" (I think because it kinda looks like a bunch of lashes up close), this is where my hubby hangs-out after a long days work.

I have changed these AGAIN already but I wanted to share our Blue sanctuary with you.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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