Sunday, November 3, 2013

FREE PRINTABLE Tolkien Quote Wall Art

When I was fixing up my son's room, I could not find the right art to go over his bed.
Believe me, I searched, but nothing just seemed to work.
I guess it comes from the fact that ART can be very personal, and for a bedroom, anything that goes in, should at least have some meaning to the person who owns the space right?
So I decided to make my own...

These are famous quotes from Tolkien, the genius whom my son admires and 
 I want to share these FREE PRINTABLES I made to you ( just in case your needing a Tolkien fix yourself or someone you know)...:-)

Nio's Wall Art 1

Please don't forget to check out my son's TWEEN ROOM UPDATE REVEAL on Thursday!!!

Hope you have a Wonderful Week!

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  1. Isn't it nice when you realize you can make something you've been searching for yourself? I love the excitement that comes with saying "hey I can do it myself!" and then your imagination runs with it! Love what you did!

  2. Oh what a wonderful mother you are sweet friend! Great job on the two prints with the quotes your dear son loves from his favorite genious and I'm also impressed he takes a liking at this at such Young age. I also love his pretty room you did for him. Have a lovely week sweetie.

  3. Vel, I so get this!! I think I have already told you that it has taken three years to find some art that I could accept for my renovated kitchen and it still is sitting on the floor and has not been hung! I am impressed that you did it so quickly and I love what you found. Great inspiration for your, obviously, smart son!

  4. Vel, I just commented on this post - I hope that I clicked on "publish", because I do not see it!!

  5. Looks so nice, Vel. Isn't it great to be able to make what we want and not have to depend on others!

  6. The room is coming together so nicely. Can't wait to see the reveal.

    Have a happy fall my friend! Don't forget to enter my 1000th post celebration giveaways all week long.

  7. I feel the same way about art and love these! Thanks for sharing the printables! Looking forward to all the reveals on Wednesday and Thursday! Happy Monday doll! xx

  8. I love the quotes you chose and I think it's a great idea to do your own print!

  9. Those are wonderful quotes to have in your sons bedroom, and what a great idea to make your own. So excited to see your space upon completion.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  10. It's great to have those quotes as wall art. It serves as a daily inspiration to your son. You'll never know what it does as these words are impressed in his mind for the years to come.

    Great job Vel as always. Always!


  11. Wonderful! Sounds like he is a very smart boy! Like his Mama!

  12. Perfect and very inspiring quotes, Vel. I can't wait to see the room but looks like I will have to wait til I get back......Christine

  13. I love the wander quote it always makes me stop and think :) Got to love some free DIY artworks too, nice job

  14. I love the simplicity of this design. And this is really a cool way to transform a lifeless wall into something that would start a conversation. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea. How I love to make one for my wall too.


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