Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My ORC faves

After last week's super successful ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, a lot of bloggers have been posting about their favorites. I can't help but share some of mine as well. Yup, the ORC fever is still in my system and I just have to let it out!

Choosing though was way more difficult of course than I anticipated, everyone added their own zest and zing into their spaces but a couple of them just blew me away! I just have to share them with you and also these spaces all have inspirational aspects that you might enjoy too!

Let's start with my favorite Living Rooms
Heather's Vintage-filled Living Room - Tatter & Fray
Proof that there is beauty in the tattered and frayed items that surround us! This room was almost entirely decorated in beautiful vintage items, a joy to tour around in.

Sherry's Gorgeously rich Living room makeover - Design Indulgence
Sherry shows her mastery of mixing a lot of neutrals with pattern and texture. This space is straight out of a magazine!

Chic Bachelor Living Room from Naomi - Design Manfest
Naomi's room totally rocked! Every little beautiful detail thought of and mixed well to give this lucky guy and his boys a cozy room to be proud of! Love this make over so much, the Dining room was also fave!
The Chic Bachelor pad Dining room by Naomi - Design Manifest
See what I mean? Simple patterns that men won't be too overwhelmed looking at right?!

Staphnie's fabulous Dining Room Transformation- Stephanie Krauss Designs
What's not to love about this space? Cozy navy, just the right dose of pattern on the wing backs and the curtains and ooh-la-la accessories! You should really see the BEFORE pics!

Now for my favorite bedrooms...

The picture says it all right? Majestic headboard, a brilliant ostritch-covered IKEA hack side dresser table,  mirror detail and all the gold on the walls!!! I'm just in love.
Heather's colorful Guest bedroom - Vivid Hue Home
I probably could not sleep in here since I would be ogle-ing at so many beautiful things to look at in this space! From the gorgeous lighting and styling, Heather made this room very special and her guests will surely feel the same way too!

Kimber's Preppy Vintage bedroom - House of Pemberly
I love the vibe in this space. The mix of colors and placement of the wall art beside the dresser is just pretty perfect!

Stacey's Minimalist/Feng-shui chic bedroom - Design Addict Mom
 Aaaaahhhh, a breath of fresh air, love the right amount of pattern on the wall and despite that it achieves calm and simple beauty all at the same time!

Now for my fave Family Rooms...
Elizabeth's Stylish but kid-friendly Family room - The Little Black Door
This is the perfect example of a functional and beautiful family room if you've still got small kiddos in the house. A nook for everyone yet still embrace mommy's fabulous style! Take note of the stripes on the floor and the stairs too!

Our host Linda's Serene blue Family room - Calling it Home
Now this, is the perfect family room if you still have big kiddos in the house. Love that it is filled with both style and comfort and of course, I love all the blues and chinoiserie all around!

For my favorite offices...
Caitlin's Shed to Cool Workspace - The Shingled House
Would you believe this space used to be a SHED? I was just blown away with this one, love the contemporary and rustic vibe all together, and that fireplace, once it starts working will only make things more perfect for this space!

Rebecc'as Glamorous Vintage Work space - My Darling House
Isn't is amazing when someone designs a space with what seems to be a room filled with stuff when in actuality, it doesn't? This is what I love so much about this room, everything Rebecca put in this room is worth looking at. Love the mix of the contemporary and vintage pieces too!

The one and only Kitchen and why it's a fave...
Kim's Beautiful Kitchen Makeover - The Green Room Interiors
Kim is just one of those designers who can whip up something gorgeous no matter what's given to her. I love how she was able to pull off this beautiful kitchen without changing the cabinet doors, the styling and the whimsy mixed with the chic! Just genius!

My fave Powder Rooms….
Nancy's Organic Chic Powder room - Powell Brower Interiors
I love how Nancy achieved the organic feel in this space without making it feel sparse! The wallpaper is not overwhelming and makes for a serene respite even if your only there for a few minutes! Just so pretty!

Kim's Gorgeous Powder room - Kim Macumber Interiors
Now Kim's Powder room is probably the opposite of Nancy's. Full of pattern and deep colors, but still manages to pull of a space that's not overwhelming but just so lovely to look at! Brilliant!

Now I can't do my fave's without these Kid's spaces...
Susie's Amazing Play Space - Maddies Nest
I need to do a picture mural like this fast!Doesn't this space make you want to have kids?!! ;-) Nuf said!

Lisa's Pretty girls bedroom - A Room with A View

Love the DIY decor on the wall and the chandy is simply perfect for this little girls's room! Easy switcheroo too someday as the kiddo grows up!

Kim's wonderful Nautical Nursery - The Kim Six fix
I love all of Kim's DIY's for her son's room, very inspirational transformation, you should visit this space wether you are or are not expecting!

Aaryn's sweet nursery - My Rose Among Thorns
And of course, for anyone lucky enough to have a baby girl, this nursery is just too sweet for words!

Now for my favorite Gallery Walls...
A Pefect Gallery wall from Gaby - The Vault Files
What can I say, the black walls and lighting and right mix of art, make for a perfect gallery wall, bathroom or not!

Lisa's Awesome Travel Gallery wall - Shine your Light
I truly love the sentimentality that went to this Gallery wall. It's like a huge wall of keepsake of memories!!!!  Perfect for any kind of family!

Perfect Art Gallery Wall by Kerry - Design Du Monde
I love how Kerry managed to fill a wall full of portraits without making it look creepy or museum-curated! It's probably the artist in her that made this gallery wall in her son's room just brilliant!

Now my last fave is actually a DIY...
Kris's bedroom is gorgeous but this IKEA hack just rocks - Driven by Decor
You have to see the entire room to know what I mean but this linen-covered Ikea dresser is just something I'm ready to buy right of the store right?! Can't wait for the tutorial!

Again, these are only some, believe me when I say that I would have put almost every room in this post if I could, but I'm sure you'd all be snoozing before it's over!

Thanks for checking it out and be sure to check out whichever of these spaces strikes your fancy!

Have a Wonderful Day!


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  1. Thanks Vel.....you picked some of my favorites also. Loved Naomi's bachelor pad.....it blue me away!

  2. Thank you Vel for including my Powder Room! The talent in the ORC is amazing and so FUN! Thanks for doing a round up ... I love looking at the photos over and over again!! xo

  3. Thank you so much Vel! I too still have ORC fever!!! Cannot wait until
    April. :)

  4. There were so many goodies to look at this ORC.

  5. I have ORC fever too, I can't believe it's over! :( Love this round up!!! You picked a lot of my favorites too! I cannot get over that room from Tatter and Fray, it is just perfect. Thanks for including me lady!

  6. Amazing round up Vel! I love all of these spaces and I'm honored to be included! There was such amazing talent displayed in this ORC challenge! xx

  7. These are all so good!! My favorite thing is the photo wallpaper made with the photo- it's amazing!!

  8. Thanks for the shout out. There was so much talent and pretty in this ORC.

  9. Great recap of the ORC. I could look at them again and again because I notice something different every time! It's almost inspiration overload!

  10. Thanks for mention Vel. I am thrilled to read how many people are happy to have done it. It is also fun to see which one's people like the most. It will be fun to see who returns in April.

  11. Thank you also for mentioning my powder room Vel! Your picks are all my favorites also and there are some great ideas here and serious style!
    Xo Nancy

  12. I love all of these, too! Can you even believe all of the talent out there?!

  13. Vel-thanks for the mention!!! So honored you like my ORC space. It's amazing how some of these women transformed these spaces into amazing rooms! Such talent!!

  14. Thank you for the shout out Vel! So many great spaces, I think this ORC was the best yet! :)

  15. I'm tickled to be included in your roundup. Thanks Vel. -Caitlin

  16. Thank you so much for including me in those fantastic rooms.. They are so wonderfully inspiring!

  17. Vel, it's so fun seeing what strikes the fancy of everyone else. I think we can all agree that the Design Manifest bachelor pad is so cool and that shed turned home office blew my mind! These are all fantastic rooms and I appreciate you including my humble space in this amazing roundup!

  18. Thank you so much for including my gallery wall! I'm discovering some new ones that I didn't check before, so thanks!! Love that last ikea hack, so good!

  19. Vel, thanks so much for including my space in this talented lineup of amazing inspiration. It was such a fun challenge :) Your son's room turned out great, too!

  20. Is it just crazy all the amazing talent out there!! I love that they're all so completely different! Thanks so much for including my bedroom, it's nice to be finished and enjoying it!

  21. Wow, Awesome room reveals! I didn't take part in this challenge, but I need to check this out! My favorite is the navy and coral bathroom...sigh! But love them all!

  22. What a wonderful round up! These rooms rocked, there are so many talents in the design blogosphere! I have to check some of these out!


  23. I love your faves! Thanks for sharing them with us!


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