Friday, November 1, 2013


Despite the rain during Halloween Night, our family had fun dressing up and showing off our costumes!
This year we decided to do have a theme. And since our little man in the house basically 'rules' Halloween in our household, he chose MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!

FROM L-R: Heather Olson, Harry Fourarm, Mike & Sulley and Greg Foureye!!!!

This is the real Heather Olson

This is my version! ;-)

 I had so much fun putting the blue make up on!

Heather with the boys

The multi-eyed guys - aren't they all so cute!!!!

Me with Mike and Sulley from Oozma Kappa

All set and ready!

With our Halloween Decor Early morning!

How about you, who did you dress up as on Halloween? Do you follow themes too?
No matter which way you celebrate this fun night, I hope it was a very HAPPY ONE!!!!

Have a Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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  1. Oh my pretty Vel, BLUE fits you, you look gorgeous even in blue, lol! The Blue family, tarararannn, tarararannn.....the boys look like they had an awesome time, the Little one is too cute! I'm glad you guys had a terrific Halloween. I have to ask Sofia now how her party went and to get some pics from the girls too! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. woww .. Entire family in blue and hope guys had good fun on halloween ...

  3. Love it! Only Stella dressed up this year…maybe we'll dress up as a family next year (she says every year…).

  4. Fun costumes! We trick-or-treat today, we had a horrible storm come through yesterday so our county postponed it. Tonight I will have a robber and a mad scientist.

  5. How awesome you all look! Love yours! Such a fun idea.

  6. Great costumes! I love that you all dressed up together. And your dining room decorations look great!

  7. So cute, love the purple hair, love the costumes, Halloween is such a fun time of much fun, thanks for sharing...

  8. Oh Vel, you totally rocked that Heather Olson look, you all looked great! My girl was the one that went trick-or-treating with friends.

  9. You all look awesome Vel!!! I love you in blue - it suits you - you should wear it to work - how much would your patients love that?? What a fun mom you are!

  10. Hi Vel,
    Galing & naka-katuwa kayo. Love your transformation, LoL* you still look the Wonder & ma-beauty mum.

    Hope you had a great time tricking and treating to one and all. As you know dito sa Sweden Halloween is not really celebrated. Boring. Buti nalang, this year, kids begun to roamed around. I am enjoying feeding this kiddos and they love me for doing it. Bina-balik-balikan tuloy ako. :-)

    Have a blessed week ahead, beautiful miga.

    Hugs from D´Box,
    /CC girl

  11. Wow - you are mom of the year! How long did it take to get the makeup off?! I just wore a witch's hat - and drank wine!

  12. Such a darling little family and I love seeing all of the fun you are having-very cute and clever costumes!


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