Thursday, November 14, 2013

GUEST POST: What to consider when engaging in a home building company

Today, I have a guest post from IVY DELFIN a Copywriter/Digital Market from TODAYS HOMES in Australia.
She told me about writing a post on what to consider in choosing a home building company when she came across the beginnings of my Kitchen Renovation!

The wrong or the right home building company is one of those decisions that can potentially define you life. We know what a huge impact intelligent architecture can have on our lives; architecture can define the way we live. The politicians in Nazi Germany wanted the buildings that they built to outlast civilisation, as a testament to their power and their capabilities; almost everything we know from ancient times we are told by the magnificent relics left over form their cities and towns. Architect Christopher Alexander recently developed  a theory of ‘human-made order.’ It is based on our natural order, so there is neither contradiction nor confusion between the two types.
His theory can be defined thus:
“(1) Natural and artificial order rely upon the same mechanisms for their working.
(2) Natural order is self-organizing and self-correcting. What we observe is there because it works.
(3) Artificial order is not necessarily self-correcting, or maybe it is on a generational timescale so individuals are not going to notice it. As a result, human beings can do things to the natural environment and build buildings and structures that damage the world. It is not easy to diagnose what is good and distinguish it from what is bad.
(4) It is possible to use science to create diagnostic tools for what is good and bad in human creations — in how they affect the natural environment, including us humans.
(5) We can use the human body as a sensing instrument for what is good and bad in architecture. Basic assumption: human feeling is universal, and people share 90% of their responses, even if individuals come from different cultures or backgrounds.”

With this in mind, you should not take the choice of a home building company lightly. 
Choose it as you would a lifestyle, something that defines you, that you can inhabit but that also inhabits with you. 

So make sure to have lots of conversations with potential home building companies (like Today’s Homes), and then make a decision based on instinct, not price. 
Yes price is important, but this isn’t the place to scrimp and save, in fact, you should scrimp and save in other areas of your life in order that you can afford the right kind of home for yourself. 

You will find that once you have your dream home, other areas of your life will fall into place. 
The pleasure doesn’t stop there: you can then decorate and fancify your home once it’s built. If you have a particular vision for your home interior, you should discuss it initially with your architect, they might be able to help you realize it! 

Your home is the centre of your life, your happy place. Don’t let it become something that you don’t recognize, and don’t let it be shaped by external forces. It’s your home. It’s you.

I pretty much agree with Ivy on the last two paragraphs especially. 

DISCLAIMER: I did not receive any product, service or monetary compensation with regards to this post and from anyone from Todays Homes Australia. All opinions are my own and are not coerced by anyone. 

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  1. You can never have enough communication. And speaking of communication, I asked you some questions today on my blog.

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  3. I totally agree. When we were thinking about construction on our home, the architect who asked us about how we lived on a daily basis and took all our existing furniture into consideration got the contract for the work and did a great job.

  4. I loved your post. Thank you sharing such a wonderful post with your readers... Keep blogging...

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