Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween Mania

Ever since I came to the US, Halloween has always been a favorite in our household. I mean, we don't even decorate anymore for fall or thanksgiving! It's halloween then Christmas. As soon as September hits, all my halloween paraphernalia are out! And I decorate little by little.

I mean, what's not to love? Candies, cute kids in costumes (even sometimes, adult look kinda cute too, although most of the time, they kinda look ...aamm, ummm) and of course the goulishly fun decor.

So in honor of this beloved celebration, I've compiled some of my favorites that I have collected in my Pinterest board.
THE DOORWAY - this one is oh so halloween chic! Very simple and easy to imitate, it beckons anyone who come to go in if they dare!
These 2 wreaths are fun and easy DIY projects anyone can do - glue in some googly eyes or pin some black party streamers to a wreath and viol! instant Halloween vibe for your door!

THE ENTRY - this is epitomizes the making of a great Halloween entry. Simple,  doable without spening big buck and best of all, easy to imitate!

THE STAIRS - if your fortunate enough to own a staircase, don't miss out on decorating this spot. This stairway is very chic, hauntingly stylish and easy to clean-up! If you happen to own a pumpkin patch, this is the decor for you! Spray away girl! via (i think)

THE MANTLE - again, if your fortunate to have this at your home, definitely "a must" spot for Halloween decorating. The 1st example is more to adult liking - spookily gorgeous. The 2nd one is for your  little kiddies delight.
THE TABLE (I mean Party table) - this is where you can go all out, because of all the beautiful candies available, decorating a party table or treat table is oh so fun!!! Bring out your candy jar and start filling them in!
And don't forget your drinks, little ones might be a little thirsty by the time they reach your doorstep.

Oh, and one last thing... the most important of all... THE CANDIES!!!!!

I am in the midst of still completing my own decor, and will post it as soon as I have everything in place.    
Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone! 

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