Monday, July 23, 2012

Nio's Bedroom

I wanted to share with you our older son's bedroom.

He is a pre-teen now, and although when I fixed up the room I had a teenager in mind, I just could not help but be sentimental and put up a lot of his stuff from his early childhood! (sniff, sniff).

Transitioning from child to teen is a lot to handle, and I know that although decorating a room would not be as difficult as the actual thing, I still feel that a lot of you can share the same thoughts I have now - How do you make a room that's not too grown-up and not to childish?

Well, I tried... and here are the results. :-)

Wall of art

I had to put some of his art works done when he was younger. They are beautiful and at the same time, add color and remind him of his ideas and creativeness. He loves maps and these are 2 souvenir maps of 2 of his favorite cities - Chicago and New York City.

Over-all lay out
His room is huge - so decorating it was a bit tough because there was so much space to fill. I decided to divide it into zones.

Lounging zone

Media zone and 

Study zone

 Most of his stuff is from the RE line by TARGET (bookshelves, desk, chair, lounge chair and futon). We placed a futon here so that it would be perfect for sleep-overs with his friends. He's got a pet Gecko and some other knick knacks all around. The green striped rug is from Ikea.

I miss the days when he did a lot of these

 There you have it. My son's room in a nutshell. I hope when your kids reach this point, you will not let him forget too, the child he once was and will always be in your eyes!

Have a great day!


  1. You might like the typographic maps here Vel:

    1. Thanks mommy g, will check it out! I do want to put a mural on one wall.:-)

  2. i like the HP poster...

  3. You are so smart to divide the room into zones. I love the gallery wall and green striped rug.

    Sadly I do not have any advice on how to link up via a ipad. :( The link will be open for 3 days though.


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