Saturday, September 22, 2012

A library in the making - PART 2

Ok, with the shelves built, here is how we assembled them in the room.

First we painted the wall behind the shelves since it was gonna be attached to the wall. It had to be since they were all in all 9 feet tall.

We chose this color from BEHR in eggshell finish. Sorry but I forgot the name, and hubby threw out the can. :-(

Fresh Blue

Then my hubby built this strong base. He realized the floors were not that even and so the base made up for the un-eveness and also made a strong foundation for the shelves.

Solid wood cut to size

Base almost done

One shelf up, 4 more to go :-)
All five up and ready! Yipee!
Then, we added this plain wood trim, painted it the same color as the shelves

Here is me - too excited - totally unfinished shelves with some of the books already in! :-)

We have this room  almost finished, just a little bit of finishing touches here and there,  but I am ready to reveal it soon! I am just giddy with excitement! :-)

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