Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Oscar looks 2013

One of the shows I NEVER miss is the Annual Academy Awards.
Not only because I enjoy watching the show in general or that I'm rooting for a particular actor or movie, but because this is Biggest night for Movie Stars and I love seeing all the beautiful gowns and jewelry ( and of course, seeing who will pull off a Cher or  a Bjork outfit ;-).

So last Sunday, the Oscars red carpet didn't disappoint and here are my favorites.

10. Robyn Roberts

Blue Velvet at it's best - by Marc Bouwer
Sometimes, simplicity is just the best way to go and I think Robin personified this exceptionally well with this dress, accented only be her beautiful and happy face (post-transplant no less) and those diamond and sapphire earrings.  Perfect.

9. Jane Fonda

Still glam in yellow - Versace

A suprising choice even for me. I love it when women "dress their age" with pizzaz and class.
I think this one is a winner for her. Sexy in her 60s without showing too much is the way to go. I also like that she used a bold color instead of boring black, tells me this woman still has a lot of energy and vibrance left in her!

8. Halle Berry

Loveliest pinstripe I've seen yet - Versace

What's the red carpet without Halle Berry?
This woman can just pull off just about anything!
I admit it wasn't "her best", but a Bond-girl inspired gown?!
Wow, she just made pin -stripe look so hot.

7. Naomi Watts

Metallic done right - Armani Prive

I think this one is just so avante-garde-ly gorgeous.
It's not my personal style but I have to say Naomi just made you want to try on this cutting-edge gown. It's elegant, glittery and just perfect for her .

6. Reese Witherspoon

Color-blocking finesse - Louis Vuitton

Reese always manages to look sophisticated and elegant in almost all her red carpet moments, particularly the Oscars. This one is no exception. I love the cut and color-blocking of this dress. Her pretty smile & side-swept hair makes the best accessories for this one.

5. Anne Hathaway

Pretty in pink - Prada

Anne Hathaway got some flack for this gown but I like it.
Must admit, not her best Oscar look, but the dainty color and daring cut is perfect for someone so young and talented. A winner in my books in every way.
And oh, her Tiffany necklace was my favorite jewelry for the night.

5. Jennifer Garner

Violet beauty - Gucci

I'm no Jennifer Garner fan but I do admire her red carpet fashion sense and this one clearly shows that. I love the ruffles and softness of this Gucci creation, just beautiful.

4. Amy Adams

The only way to go grey - Oscar Dela Renta

Oscar at the Oscars, quite redundant no? But hey, this man is a genius.
 Amy pulled off this fluffy number with what may be a drab-of-a- color for a gown,  in a super gorgeous way. Love it. She truly looks like a Best Actress Nominee with this one.

3. Charlize Theron

How to wear white - Dior

One of my all-time faves at the red carpet. Her statuesque height and beautiful face just completes any look she carries down this aisle. I love this Dior creation, perfect for her super short hair.

2. Jessica Chastain

Classic elegance in copper - Armani

Truly, old Hollywood glamour at its best. I love, love this gown.
I would wear this in a heart beat! Pink beads overlying copper?! Unique and simply mind-boggling-ly gorgeous. This is Jessica Rabbit in the flesh!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

A memorable dress for a memorable night - Dior

And of course the big winner of the night, from head to toe is this number.
Red carpet -worthy in every aspect. This Dior dress is truly a winner in every sense, from the color combo to the cut, the fabric - PERFECT. I also adore the way she wore her diamond necklace, a real stunner. Jennifer Lawrence was a winner the moment she showed up in this gown!

 Of course there were some misses that hit the red carpet in my books. I think the only reason why I'm mentioning this is because sometimes it's not about the dress at all!

My  Not-so-favorites were:

1. Kristin Stewart


Ok, I'm so bad for taking on a girl on crutches! BUT, it's not about the crutches or her limp or the dress-  it was because everytime she was focused on camera at the Oscars she just looked miserable!
 I know, I would probably go even if I were on whole body cast too if I were invited, but she's a famous movie star, she could go some other time! Whoever advised her to go was just selfish!

2. Barbra Streisand


I love Barbra most definitely. But her look Oscar night was just the opposite of what I was talking about with dressing your age. She DID dress her age, but I think it was just too much her age.
Do you get what I mean? She sang fabulously though, brought me close to tears even.

3. Adele


She is one of my absolute favorite singers right now, and her SKYFALL song is just phenomenal. But, I'm kinda getting tired with her red carpet looks, all look too similar to me.
I think she should talk to Olivia Spencer or Queen Latifah for some advise on how to do the red carpet differently next time around. :-(

4. Salma Hayek


Yup, I'm following a trend here sort of, I am not loving BLACK this year at the Oscars.
Salma usually looks stunning on the red carpet, but this one just made her look shorter than she already is. Imagine Nicole wearing this, it will look a lot better. Not my fave on her.

5. Catherine Zeta Jones


You know how much I love GOLD, but I think this one is a little too much don't you think?
It's already gold and adding the swirls just made it look a bit over-the-top for me.

6. Sandra Bullock


Just don't like this one on Sandra at all. I don't k now if the its the bead overload or the see-through-ness of this one or her hair?!I just think she's done so much better before.

7. Melissa McCarthy

 How NOT to drape and wear grey at the same time.

8. Heidi Klum

I think it's too much gold and too much skin.

9. Amanda Seyfried

I think this dress would've looked better in a different color and an on an older woman.

10. Helena Bonham Carter

A great actress but has not been a great dresser for the past couple of years and this one proves it again.

How about you? What were your favorites? Any surprises with my choices? Do you agree? Any objections or violent reactions?
I enjoyed the over-all Academy Awards show too. I'm a Musical nut so this one definitely went over well with me. I got only 14/24 right on my choices though.
Anyway, there's always next year to look forward to!

Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing, even if the dress is hard to walk up the steps. Who cares if it made her fall? Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper naman to the rescue. :D My favorite dress though is Reese's, hands down.

    1. My ultra-fave is Jessica Chastain's dress. unfortunately, you would have to have a body like hers to wear something like that! hehe!:-)

  2. I love Jennifer Lawrence, never mind if she had a stage mishap. I also feel the same way with Kirstin Stewart. She looks bangag all the time hih. But really what's going on with her? I feel such a bad person saying this but her looks bothered me. And they didn't have any chemistry with Harry Potter at all hehe.

    Would love to talk to you more in person discussing this over coffee maybe or tea... miss you NFF!

  3. I missed some of these. What was Heidi thinking? I didn't see Jennifer Garner either, love it...and her.


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