Sunday, September 8, 2013

The D-I-Ys we did for the kitchen

You all know I had professional carpenters do almost all the work for our kitchen right?
The entire concept and design was definitely mine and there were some DIY's that we did for the kitchen that I think, though simple, added to the over-all feel and beauty to our kitchen.

1) Adding Gold Metal Screen to the Pantry Cabinets

Probably the project we did with the most impact in this kitchen. Actually, I had a lot of help with the cutting since I was afraid of cutting metal ( one of the carpenters did that part for me).

$29/ sheet at Menards
same metal sheet I used for my JEWELRY ORGANIZER
We then 'glued' it to the cabinet using Silicone ( the kind you use for the bathroom or tile). I did not use permanent glue since I wasn't sure if I was gonna keep this look forever, so I wanted something that would not cause damage to the  original cabinet finish.

You can't really see the silicone unless your really close to the cabinet
The drawers didn't need the silicone since the pulls kept the grids in place.

2) Gift-wrap Cabinet Backing Revamp

 I told you I was gonna use gift-wrap! And most of you guessed it right! 
I used Hallmark Gold wrapping paper (x2) on all the backing of the glass cabinets. 
Cut foam board first then attached the wrapping paper. 

Again, I used foam board to protect the actual cabinets, and for easy switcheroo if I want to change the color scheme again!

My dad helped me a lot on this one. Actually, he did all the work under my 'supervision'! ;-)

See? Isn't my dad awesome?!

3) Spray-painting

This is one DIY I did myself.
First, I noticed with the new ceiling finish, the old cup lights looked, much older compared with the very bright white!

Actually, in person, looked yellowish already!

Instead of buying new cup light covers, I just spray painted it with satin nickel finish!

Painted one up top

I also spray-painted the outlet covers in the wall paper area with Caramel Latte (already had this color at home)

Spray-painted plastic too!

Our Old Ikea Bag holder

Spray-painted in Satin Nickel and now holding my Paper rolls!
And added some Metallic gold to the sides of this wall art

Adding a little bling to art

with gold metallic spray paint
Our old paper organizer (also from IKEA) in chalkboard paint...

now turned matte gold!

There's still so many more things to do in our new kitchen. And here's a list of what I hope to accomplish in the future:

1) Add Window treatments
2) Add some Art work in the Breakfast area
3) Find a suitable Coffee Station table or cart
4) Change the lighting in the breakfast area
5) Fix the mudroom

It's still quite a lot and hopefully, I can cross off a lot of stuff from this list soon!

Have a Great Week!


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  1. Great job on your DIYs. The gold metal screens look fabulous and I love that you can remove them easily if you want to change the look later!

  2. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love all of your DIY projects. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  3. Thought the pantry looked like it was metal screening ... I've been looking at that at my hardware store for a while now ... as I said before, I think your pantry is stunning. Now I never thought about silicone as a "removable glue" ... you mean you just put a line of caulk down and if you want to remove it, it peels off without damage? If that's how it works that would be a wonderful game changer for my cabinets! Robin

  4. I really like all of your extra special touches, Vel. That gold screen is beautiful and no one would ever guess that the lovely piece of furniture is a pantry! Also, your dad did a great job on gift-wrapping the backs of those cabinets! It is all coming together so beautifully!

  5. I really like the art with the little touch of gold around the edges. It really makes it pop. Tell your dad he did a nice job! I would have never trusted my dad to do that right!

  6. Your kitchen is looking amazing! Our air conditioner vent now looks yellow and old against the freshly painted white ceiling and I rolled my eyes when the Mr said he was going to paint it. Now I can see how much of a difference it makes! I love the gold screens you have put into the cabinet, what a beautiful piece of furniture you have created :)

  7. So pretty Vel! It makes me want to cook and eat in your kitchen everyday! :P Nice job.

  8. I love all the gold accents you brought in. They look so great with the cooler tones in the room. Great DIYs!!

  9. Wow - are you creative or what!! I love the idea for the lights - amazing!

  10. LOVE all your gold touches, and I love that chair art!
    xo Nancy

  11. Omg! I am AMAZED by you and all your DIYs. I am loving that gold.m

  12. Beautiful updates!! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers!

  13. I love how you used the metal and the wrapping paper, well, that's just too clever!

  14. I love all the DIY's you did. I think the wrapping paper is my favorite.

  15. Your kitchen looks amazing. I love the metal wire on the cabinets - it looks fabulous and what a great idea to put wrapping paper on the rear of the glass cabinets - very nice.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  16. I love your idea of using wrapping paper at the back of cabinets.

  17. Wow... Your kitchen is amazing... Definitely belongs in a magazine!

  18. Nice that you did those little things, your kitchen really turned out to be a showcase, Vel...Christine

  19. I'm a huge fan of this DIY! Looks awesome too!

  20. I'm a huge fan of this DIY! Looks awesome too.

  21. Those "little" details are as important as the big changes for the whole space to look that great! You did great my friend! I have one of those bag holders wondering in my garage, now I know where to put it to good use, thanks!

  22. What a beautiful kitchen! I love all the special touches.

  23. Love the metal screens. They look great contrasting with the dark finish of the cabinet. I really have to do something with my kitchen cabinets. This looks like a great idea to try. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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