Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vintage Map find

A little Christmas break first.

I had this map on my newly updated Tween son's bedroom...


It sort of felt out of place on this huge wall and I thought that it will do for the ORC reveal until I find one that I & my son will really like. Fortunately I did…


Super cool
Isn't it great?! I love the colors and the detail and the fact that it's SOOO BIG!

Colors are beautiful

It's pasted on linen...
When folded it looks like this...

Do you guys have any idea where it's from? Where it's used? The Antique dealer told me a lady from Sweden sold a whole bunch of it to him

The best part was, it was so easy to hang! 

Just used push pins
How about you, any great finds lately? Do share.

Have a Wonderful Day!



  1. So cool - I love the size and the statement it makes in the room!

  2. My friend bought one just like that at the Rose Bowl earlier this year! I think they are old school maps. Very cool!

  3. I love maps! I wish I had a place in my home for one.

  4. Perfect, Vel! My hubby will like that. He loves maps and globes!...Christine

  5. What a coincidence! The past weekend, I went to a wallpaper store to search for a wallpaper map for one of Zion's walls. What a lovely find! Plus it's vintage; so cool!

  6. I love old maps and this is a phenomenal size and altogether an amazing size! And on linen, too! It is a perfect size for the wall.

  7. Wow! That map is so cool! I hope you find out more about it! Love it!

  8. Very cool find! I just pinned a bunch of images from and decorator's site in the UK and the one that is most memorable to me features a gorgeous old map behind a piano. You are spot on, Vel!!

  9. I've been looking for maps for my son's room, too. Love both maps you used but the scale of the second one is my favorite. I love the fact that it's printed on linen!

  10. Wow, I love that huge map!! The colors are fantastic!!

  11. Fabulous! It's something special about maps and globes :) Hugs and Summer greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  12. You know how I feel about maps - it's a beauty! Lucky find - and the scale is amazing!!

  13. What an awesome find! Who was it that said, " Decorate your children's rooms with maps. It keeps them from being provincial." or something like that?

  14. What an amazing find! My daughter also loves maps. Have to show her this one! :)

  15. The map looks great hanging in your son's room. Target always has such great stuff.

  16. That's a great map! It looks perfect on this wall and I love the colours it brings to the room... Plus as a teacher, I love old maps!


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