Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Small Kitchen Updates Part 2

Last week I showed you the Kitchen Update I made around the sink area.

This time I'd like to share with you some updates I made on our Kitchen office.

My Command Center

I added these babies...

What I posted on INSTAGRAM a few months ago
I had too much stuff hidden (actually just too much stuff, period), so I thought of bringing the pretty ones out!

My office stuff

Lovin' all the gold & brass
Here's what's on the other side - some of my son's masterpieces and his pet Beta!

I also added this to my reminder board by the fridge...

Do you see it?

Look again...
I realized that I had to have a spot to put all the invites and reminders on the reminder board.
But I didn't want to poke holes on my wall or add cork on my white board, so luckily I found this 3M Grip tile from TARGET!

Has a small dry-erase section to write on too!

I love that it's a strong stick-on  for my wall, and since I put it on the decal itself, it will not do any damage to my 'beloved' wall! ;-). You can already see how much invitation this thing is gripping!

Anyway, that's it for now. Any cool tools or finds lately for organizing or beautifying your home? Do share!

Have a Great Week! 


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Oooh, those necessities in gold would make my day! :) Very pretty, (and organized) Vel!

  2. Great job on this area, Vel! Sometimes those kitchen desk/office spaces can be such a messy dumping ground, but you seem to have good control of that. Your little gold accent pieces look perfect in your kitchen. That's a great message board. I'm really lovin' all the vinyls that have come out and are so useful. I have a small chalkboard cling on my fridge. It took me a while to see where the Beta was, but that is such a clever fish bowl!

  3. Love the gold office accessories! The little dog tape dispenser is my favorite! You've created a very organized space in such a pretty way!

  4. I love your fabulous gold accessories. How fun are they. Such a great office space.

  5. Such a pretty little space! I actually just organized my desk area and threw a lot of stuff in the trash--which is my best tip! ;)

  6. Oh I love all the gold accessories, they are so chic! And are perfect in your gorgeous kitchen!

  7. Ooooh, I love all the gold stylish office goods!!! Looks good!

  8. Oh sweetie, this is wonderful and your office looks lovely and practical too and I adore the gold doggie!...as everything you do around here! Thanks for dropping by, I love it when you do! How's the Little bump?

  9. I love the little tweaks! It's the tiny changes that keeps a space fresh! :)

  10. Wow Vel, what a beautiful kitchen office! Enjoy it.

  11. Your desk is such an elegant space! The gold accessories make it shine!
    Mine is, uh...messy!

  12. Its looking really good, and I like the gold accessories on the desk area too, very stylish :)

  13. I wish I could keep my office looking like that! Love those Nate Berkus goodies!!

  14. Vel, this is amazing!! I have "command centers" in other places in our house, but I really need to figure out how to get one in the kitchen. It's where we really live! You have totally inspired me. LOVE the gold accessories!! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to do a little "command center" shopping! xo Kristy

  15. I love the little changes you made! Every time I go to Target I look at those gold scissors and that tape dispenser- now seeing them in your kitchen (which I swoon over) makes me want them even more! Oh and I keep wanting to get a fish just so I'll have an excuse to get that fish condo. It is so cool! I may just have to get it and use it for something else. Or sneak a fish in here when my husband isn't looking. :)

  16. It was hard to find Beta in such nice house! :) Your office space looks very organized and I love how the gold accent pieces go with the nice design on the wallpaper in the background.

  17. I love your gold additions especially the dachshund! I always thought dachshund is the cutest!

    Happy weekend, Vel!



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