Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged but my good blogger friend Shelley from Calypso in the Country. SO here it goes...

1.  Are you named after someone?  
I wish, I was named after a street. Actually my full name is Maria Claravel. Maria Clara is one of the most famous female literary character in a Philippine novel called "Noli Me Tangere"  and initially I thought I was named after her. But when I asked my mom, she nonchalantly said  "No, I named you after a street I saw, just around the corner from our first apartment"! Hah!

2.  When was the last time you cried?  
3 weeks or so ago, I got upset with a petty argument about the baby's name! LOL! My hubs was having 2nd thoughts about the name "Sophia" since he found out it was the most popular name in 2011 and 2013,  but I didn't care and I cried!!! Petty, petty, must be the hormones!;-)

3.  Do you have kiddos?
Yup, 2 boys and a little girl on the way - the center of my universe.

4.  If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
YES definitely! We would have so much fun shopping together!!!!


5.  Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Have a weakness for anything chocolate - I have them everywhere from home to work. I also collect dolls - not the collectible and expensive one, Disney dolls!

I have more than these...

6.  Do you like handwriting?
Nope. My hand-writing is horrible!!!!!
 But I still write my "thank-you notes" & Christmas cards whenever I can!

7.  What is your favorite cereal?
Nestle's Koko Krunch - it's from the Philippines, my mom sends me a boxful from there! Super yummy, haven't found a substitute for it here yet!

8.  What's the first thing you notice about people?
Their feet. Yup, I have a foot fetish sort of... weird, but true. ;-)

9.  What's the color of your eyes?
Brown black.

10.  Scary movie or happy endings?
Never liked watching scary movies, so definitely I'm a happy-endings-kinda-gal!

11.  Favorite TV shows?
I binge watch my shows - Sherlock, Downton Abbey, House of Cards.

12.  Summer or Winter?
Summer baby yeah! I would live by the beach someday. :-)

13.  Hugs or kisses?
Both. Love giving hugs and receiving kisses more.

14.  Do you have a special talent? 
I can sing Videoke like no one can... well sorta!

one of those moments

15.  Where were you born?
Manila, Philippines

16.  What are your hobbies?
Collecting, decorating, shopping, reading blogs, watching movies, trying new recipes.
17.  Do you have any pets?
Does our pet Beta count?


18.  Favorite movie?
Sooo many - but to name a few : Sleepless in Seattle, While you were sleeping, The Devil wears Prada, Shawshank Redemption, Toy Story, LOTR series.

19.  What color is your car?
Silver.  I drive a momma van a.k.a. mini van.

20.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm lucky to be doing what I love now - a kiddiedoc and would probably do it the rest of my life (yup no retiring, just slowing down). And oh yeah, Travel, travel, travel, like there's no tomorrow!


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  1. Hey Vel, it's was fun reading and getting to know you a bit more! You made me laugh with the story of your name, I guess if I could ask my mom the why of my first name, she would come up with a very similar reason :)
    I also have a grey minivan, I loved it when my kids were little, but now I love it even more because I can carry oh, so many things in there, long pieces of wood, tables, hutches, you name it, it fits ;) so, I don't think it's going to be changed soon!

  2. Fun to learn more about you, Vel! :)

  3. Great post Vel! Thanks for playing along! I see I am not the only chocolate lover and I laughed at the beta fish. That was our first pet too! Your kids are adorable and I love the story of your name! Happy 4th of July to you!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  4. It was fun learning a little bit more about you and I too love to binge watch tv shows. Right now I am watching Castle.

  5. I really enjoyed this post, Vel! We have a lot in common! Thanks for tagging me. I'll get my post up soon. These kinds of things are always fun to read. :)

  6. I am a happy endings kind of girl, too!! :)

  7. I loved learning more about you, Vel! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  8. I love this post! It is so fun to learn more about you, Vel! I love singing Karaokes, too. I can sing and sing for hours! We have the same hobbies too!


  9. Neat post! I think it's sweet that your mom named you after a street. It must have been a special place or time for her. :)

    You have my full admiration to be a doctor, fabulous decorator, mom to almost 3, wife, etc. Life is busy but great...right?

  10. I love these!!! Very interesting!

  11. Oh lol...pretty Vel, you made me alugh about your name taken from a Street...really cute! My fave name is Sophia, like my Darling daughter! How nice to know about you more sweet girl and your grandma is gorgeous, you sure look like her.
    Have a wonderful 4th. of July with your lovely family and take care of that adorable tummy.

  12. SO fun! I love the story of your name, and your friend cracking up behind you in the videoke pic. And, you're a doctor, so your handwriting is supposed to be terrible, right? :)

  13. Super fun Vel thanks for sharing!! And I love the name Sophia, no need to second guess that!

  14. Fun read! So excited for baby girl on the way!!

  15. It's so fun getting to know a blogger buddy just a bit better! I just bet you totally rock that videoke -- would love to be at one of those parties!

  16. So fun to learn more about you, my friend! A beta totally counts, there's a lot of work involved in caring for fish! I do love the name Sophia too. I can only imagine your excitement. Thanks so much for tagging me.

  17. You are darling. So fun to hear of these more in depth details of your life! Youre a wonderful person and we would/are certainly be friends in another life! Love the name Sofia! Hope youre handling the heat well- stay in that pool! xox Nancy


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