Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easy Valentine Doily Crafts

Hello Friends!

I hope that whatever team your rooting for this SUPERBOWL wins!
We are watching of course, but the highlight of our weekend was my son Aidan's 

AIDAN is the little indian wearing dark brown to the right
 It was truly very fun and exciting!
Honestly, even if my son did not participate in the show, I would still say that the show 
over-all was PAN-tastic!!

Oldest kid in the group is Peter (Bailee) who is still in High school

But the most important thing is that, my little AIDAN truly enjoyed this experience and had a great time feeling proud of their work and belonging to such a fantastic group of kids!
I'm betting this won't be the last! ;-)

Taking his Bow
Thank you for indulging my "stage mom" side my friends. 
And now back to my craft.

I came up with two very simple Valentine craft for this loving holiday. 
We will be out of town that day but I still wanted to come up with something special 
since it will be Sophia's 1st!

Doily Hearts Table Cover
This is truly a super easy but big bang project!

So my breakfast table has a lazy susan in the middle that added an extra layer to this simple project.

Plain jane most days
 I then created a pattern first on top of the lazy susan...
Simple patterns
 ... then Taped away underneath
Our Simple but pretty Valentines table
 I then added some bigger doily on the main table. Then taped away.

I also made this simple Doily Garland for the window...

Super simple again and budget0friendly

I got most of my doily from the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby and still have Lots left-over.
This project cost less than $5 to make!

But of course, I could not keep the setting looking this way everyday.
So I just made a smaller Heart Doily Mat for the center of the table for daily use until Valentines day comes!

How about you, do you decorate for Valentines too? big or small, grand or simple, what matters is the  LOVE your give and receive on this special day right?! 

Have  A Wonderful Week!



  1. Hi Vel...So cute and clever! And talk about a bargain. Are you getting the blizzard that we are to the north? If so, stay safe! We are in for the day, just enjoying a fire. Enjoy your week! Jane

  2. Wow the play looks like it was amazing! And the table looks so sweet all decorated for Valentines Day!

  3. Aidan looks adorable as an Indian. He will remember the performances for ever! Your table is lovely, such a great idea: it makes a big statement.

  4. Love the doilies. I'd love to see the play.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  5. Super cute. I love doilies! Your son looks super cute, too!

  6. Looks like Aidan had a wonderful time! I bet it was so much fun to watch them perform. I love how you used doilies in your Valentine's Day decor! I've been seeing them pop up on IG and it really makes me want to pick up a package the next time I'm at Hobby Lobby or the dollar store. Great idea!

  7. You must be beaming with pride! Go Aidan! Love the Valentine's decor too!

  8. I enjoyed your previews of Aidan on Instagram - he looks so cute! All of your children are beautiful, Vel. And speaking of beautiful, loving the Valentine's decor :) xoxo

  9. Love it, Vel! It's so festive and very colorful. I am glad Aidan had a great time. There's nothing like theater!

  10. That's so super cute Vel - your kids are going to love ti! And glad Aidan enjoyed the play - I LOVE those kind of kid events!!

  11. How fun to have Aidan in Peter Pan. That must have been amazing!

  12. Beautiful Valentines decor! I know you are so proud of your son. The musical pictures are beautiful!

  13. So cute!!! I'm not a big Valentine decorator. However those cute doilies get me every time! LOVE!

  14. Congrats, stage mom! ;) What an adorable weekend. Love the doilies too! Can't wait to do some Valentine's crafts with little Will. xo Kristy

  15. How awesome to have Aidan as part of the show, it all looks so good! Yeah, as you know, I like to decorate my mantel and perhaps the table for Valentines. I got to buy some of those doilies, they're so versatile and economical. I cannot believe Sophia is almost 1!

  16. Love the doilies projects and your photos of your son's play!

  17. I'm so happy for Aidan, and what a wonderful experience! It's absolutely fine to be a "Stage Mom!"

    Your Valentine decor is so cute, Vel! Love the centerpiece you created on your table. Mine is super simple this year, but I've really enjoyed seeing what others are doing.

  18. This turned out very cute, I have a ton of these and was trying to figure out what to do with them
    you have inspired me, thanks for sharing

  19. Such a big production! I am sure the performance is fantastic as well! Glad Aidan had a fun and wonderful experience. I like how you decorated your table, it looks so inviting and pretty!


  20. What a great idea, so cute and really lovely............I love doing things without spending a lot of money,
    yet that is so beautiful............
    Congrats on your son's play, so fun to watch them do these things.
    Blessings, and Happy Valentines day a tad early,

  21. Looks like an amazing performance! Way to go Aidan!


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