Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vintage Toy Collection

I have slowly been collecting vintage toys over the years.

Even before I knew I was pregnant with Sophia, I have adored vintage toys and wished that I could find more reasons to buy and collect them!

And now that Sophia is in the picture, I am sure this small collection of mine will continue to grow, not just for her but for me too ;-)

Vintage Playskool Musical bell & Vintage Fisher Price Chatter phone 

Todays Kids Panda Bear Rolly Polly Rattle Puzzle

Vintage Fisher Price Two Tune Television
Vintage Playskool Hourglass

And apparently, I'm not the only one loving these vintage toys!

Some of these are now being marketed again for this generation.
Fisher Price in particular is doing so, just take a look at these "re-runs"...

You can buy them thru AMAZON
... all sold at new 'vintage-looking' condition at a fair price!

In fact, Sophia got one of these for her birthday ....

Fisher Price Change-a-tune Piano

How about you, do you have a favorite vintage toy you'd love to see again or even play with again?
Any toy you consider an heirloom perhaps?

I think these are truly timeless since my daughter is enjoying all these as much as I think I did back then!

Have A Great Fall Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Sophia has a nice collection, and I do remember a lot of those toys. I used to have a Fisher Price My First Tape Recorder (the brown one) and I loved it so much! I had no idea they were releasing the toys again and I'll have to get one for my new niece. Have a great day, Vel!

  2. Oh I remember all of these, they are so fun. Great collection so far.


  3. I remember the old fashioned phone on wheels toy. I love the easy bake oven! I used to have so much fun with that when I was little.

  4. I had the phone and the tv music box! I guess I'm vintage, too! ;)

  5. I think we had all of those for our kids ( 30 years ago. I love your IG of Sophia saying her name!!! She is so precious! xo Nancy

  6. I think my kiddos had just about everyone of the items you shared, plus many more! When we made our major move from Oregon to Arizona (30+ years ago), my hubby was not too happy that I had packed one huge box of toys that our kids had out-grown, but I wanted to keep for future grandchildren. I was insistent and got my way! Many years down the road, when our first twin granddaughters were just toddlers, I pulled out the FP Farm, the FP Castle & a few other things.....Hubby no longer doubted my desire to hang onto these things. We have packed them around for quite awhile now & some pieces are showing a lot of wear, but it brings us such joy to watch our youngest 2 grandchildren continue to play with these special toys. These toys have survived and given many hours of playing pleasure to not only our own children, but also six grandchildren; maybe they will get saved for great-grandchildren (hope that's a ways off)! Sophia will have so much fun with any and all of the the toys you've found!

  7. Love the vintage toys! World Market started carrying "reruns" of vintage toys recently and I love it! Brings back lots of fun memories. :)

  8. There's something charming about vintage toys, isn't it? I love your vintage collection especially the tv and piano! :)

  9. I remember my kids playing with these toys, they loved the phone and the clock. Wow, I guess that makes me old. ;)

  10. I love all of the old Fisher Price toys! I just found some of the original Little People in a box of toys we were given by friends. They are so much cuter than the ones they make now!

  11. What fun! I remember playing with these toys myself (and of course had many for my children as well)...such great memories. I hope all is well in your world, Vel, and that you are enjoying a lovely weekend! xoxo

  12. I remember spending hours playing with that clourful phone!

  13. Pretty neat collection!...Christine

  14. What a fun collection! BTW, do you remember Cabbage Patch Kids? They were soooooo popular back in the 80s. I had one :) xoxo

  15. I love vintage toys like this, they take me back. I bought a vintage schoolhouse toy for my son last spring that is exactly like one I used to play with!


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