Thursday, November 12, 2015

Favorite Finds at Zara Home

I've been internet window shopping lately and I visited one of my favorite online home stores, ZARA HOME recently and found a lot that I'd want to put in my home...

Flower Base Table -$169

Now I wish Sophia is way older and can handle fragile-looking beautiful furniture like this! Gorg!

Wicker Sticks table -$139
By far my favorite, and seriously considering on buying. Where to put, that is the question.
Little Square Methacrylate Table -$139
Love the brass bolt accents on this one.
Braided Leather Mirror - $79.90
It had me at "braided leather".
Checked Print Linen Cushion -$29
Very Burberry-Prorsum-like.
Tall Rubber Basket - $79
Love the look, shape and blackness of this piece.

And for the kiddos, I am crushing on these two...
Mushroom shaped Basket - $69.90
Yup, reminds me of Mario's friend... ;-)
Elephant basket -$69.90
What can I say, I'm drawn to both elephants and giraffes.

What do you think, see anything you like?

Happy Shopping Peeps!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Ooh, great picks! I'm not familiar with this store. Off to peek at that rubber basket!!

  2. I have a thing for elephants too! Great picks from Zara! Happy Friday!

  3. Great picks Vel. I'm not familiar with them either but I'm liking that checked pillow. :)

  4. Love that wicker stick table. How interesting!

  5. Hi Vel! I had not heard of Zara Home, but they have some beautiful things! Uh oh...a new site to shop, could be trouble, lol! I really like all of the tables, especially the first one. Happy weekend! Jane

  6. Fabulous picks! The wicker baskets are especially my favorites!


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