Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Living Room

Hello again my friends, here I am again continuing on with my Halloween Bonanza and today I'm sharing our Living room!

Just quick Halloween updates from Fall decor

As you can see, aside from pillow switches and the bats, not much has changed from my Fall decor, except for the staircase...

I really like the spiders from years past so I had them come back again!

Crows on my console table make for an eerie display

We also have the SWITCH WITCH this year!
As you can see, easy laid-back Halloween for us, in the Living Room at least, because as you will see next week, Halloween "Exploded" in our Dining room!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!


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  1. I always love seeing your living room. Those bats on the windows and crows are what's doing it for me. Love that!

  2. I love it all especially those huge spiders climbing the stairs. How fun.

  3. I am just loving the "Old Bat Lives Here" sign. Makes me laugh heartily :-)!!!

  4. ohhh spooky spiders and I luv those bats in the windows!!! Super scary!

  5. Those giant spiders are just way, way too cute...and spooky!!

  6. Hi Vel, it looks great your Halloween decorations and me too I love the large spiders! Have a wonderful weekend. Julie xo

  7. Interesting decor ideas)
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  8. Absolutely fabulous! Love the windows and the batdecors! My son will really appreciate a palce like this!

  9. SO fun!! I love your spooky decorations!! Have a wonderful weekend, Vel! xoxo

  10. Love love love it all. I have such a fear of spiders Vel and my theory is if you see a spider in the house you have to burn down the house lol! I promise I won't burn your house down!!!!! Love your spooky decor. I bet your kids love this.

  11. What a hoot! I bet your kids love it.
    Thanks for sharing this at TOHOT. :)

  12. Oh Vel, those spiders going up the stairs... Spooky! Love it all!

  13. Delightful Halloween decor as usual! I bet the kids love it very much! :)


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