Friday, July 7, 2017

Store I'm loving right now - CB2

Hello friends!

I hope summer is going well for you all! Thank you so much for all your positive comments on my last Summer Home Tour! We are truly enjoying the fun and festive patriotic colors in our home right now and especially outdoors since this summer has not been so muggy at all.

Anyway, I thought of starting this new series since I am a 'SERIAL BROWSER" anyway, and I am just gushing over the store CB2 right now.

I know that CB2 is known for their modern furniture and design pieces, but nowadays, this store has been killing it lately with a lot of mid-century-vibed pieces and sleek modern take on iconic designs. And since retro is so IN right now, their products right now are so IN for me too! So I rounded up 12 of my favorites from this store and believe me, narrowing it down to 12 was hard!

I highlighted in Blue, the website description of some of these faves of mine. So let's get it on shall we?

Sloane White Rattan Bench
 "Natural rattan bench painted sleek hi-gloss white. Rattan is steamed and bent to achieve such attractive curves, while handmade brown leather straps finish the look with finesse." 

Truly a modern take on a palm beach staple! Love that it's made in the Philippines too!

Joni Brass and wood Coffee table

"Solid acacia commands attention as a coffee table with architectural influence. Designed by Mermelada Estudio, this piece draws inspiration from Chicago skyscrapers—specifically Mies Van Der Rohe's Federal Center. Inset brass base gives rise and polish to a minimalist wood silhouette. A chic combo that makes a big statement." 

 I wish I needed a new coffee table because I think this number is just gonna be a timeless beautiful piece.
Tyler Leather Console with Stitch

"Console takes a u-turn as a chic staple for the entry. Designed by Brett Beldock because "every entry needs a surface for mail and keys," modern table stretches long and lean in genuine, distressed black leather. Thick blanket stitching and brass feet finish with flare."

I love the look and feel of leather on tables, the brass base is a 'wow' factor for me too!

Paloma Brass Cart
 You know how much I love brass, and this bar cart is full of it! Love the oval shape of it too, makes it less edgy. 

Siena Marble Base Table lamp
 "Barely there column rises from a sculptural marble and acrylic base as elegant table lamp. So chic it feels like a splurge. Pair up in the bedroom or shines solo too."

Acrylic and marble combination is always a fave, so I'm really thinking hard on where I can put this lamp in my home!

Fluted Gold Wall Sconce
 "Streamlined lamps with pleated warm brass shades flank the bed with artistic flair."

A piece I think that can go inside any type of home, from modern to traditional! 

Monroe Monstera leaves Wall Decor
 "Design is at the same time on trend and utterly timeless." 

'Nuf said. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Seriously a contender for my Master Bedroom makeover!

Grace Bone Inlay Floor Mirror
 " Inspired by African murals, this graphic vision comes from the creative mind of Brett Beldock. Two thin bands of brass frame a mosaic of opalescent ivory and grey bone. Leans effortlessly against any wall."

I love the clean lines of the pattern used in this mirror.

Scallop Black Hide Rug
Just WOW, this rug made me wish I had lighter floors. It comes in different sizes and a runner too!

Breton Black Metal Sofa & Chair
 "Designed by Mermelada Estudio, streamlined sofa evokes "the essence of French coastal living in the 1960's." Modern metal frame wears black matte powdercoat, topped with plush off-white seat and back cushions."

I actually love that this look more like a rattan piece than metal. Love the mix of modern on timeless.

Brava Dining Lounge Grey Wicker Chair
 I love the clean lines on this traditional design and the pattern on the chairs is just perfect!

Alexandria Metal Gold Chair
Last, but certainly not the least, I think every home needs at least one statement chair , and this I think , is a modern take on the Peacock chair! Beautiful!

There you have it folks. What do you think? Anything your liking too?! For now CB2 is becoming a very strong favorite of mine, even overtaking it's 'mothership store', Crate and Barrel!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Great design pieces, and that statement chair is really interesting. Greetings to you!

  2. I really love getting the catalog by mail, Vel, and enjoy so many of their pieces. Not always my style , sometimes something will pop out to me. Great quality as the longtime C&B.

    Jane x

  3. Hi Vel,
    I bet you love all the pieces in this store. It is definitely perfect place for you to find design pieces for your beautiful home. Love that brass liquor cart. Beautiful.

  4. I like this intenet site because soo much useful material on here :

  5. CB2 has been one of my favorite stores since I discovered them about 10 years ago. Always love their fresh, chic pieces at reasonable prices. :)


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