Monday, October 31, 2011

Nio's 11th Halloween Birthday Party and GROWN-UPS Buffet Set-up

Like I posted earlier, we also had a different set-up upstairs where the adults stayed. Nio's birthday was also the same day as the World Series game & so I was sure the kidults would be staying upstairs...

Birthday Boy
We set it up in the Dining room, the most Halloweeny-themed room of all

One side of the buffet
From Bottom to top: Baked Mac (by me), Palabok from my friend Grace along with the extras, Canton Noodles from resto and of course, no Filipino party would be complete without good ol' rice!!!

The other side
From Left to right: Beef with broccoli from resto, Lumpia by me, Hunan Chicken from resto, Steamed tilapia from my friend Gerri, Roasted chicken, Crab rangoon and not seen in pic, Sisig from our friend Jonjet!!

I used Martini glasses for my sauces (got the idea from PINTEREST) !

For the sweet tooth

Dark chocolate and white chocolate pretzels, Kisses and Fall Brownies with candy coated Pumkin seeds!

Cakes galore!

Cheesecakes, German chocolate cake and red velvet cake!


I got this idea from PINTEREST as well, I put the fruits on tall square jars and put the chocolate saude on a martini glass. The rolls at the back were from Honeybakers - Yummayumma!

Soup station

I set-up the soup on 1 small corner of the room. This is Lemon Chicken Noodle soup by me and it is oh-sooo-yummy!

Green Apple soda and Apple cider

Corona and Margaritas

Water, Ice and tequila

Coffee station and Hot chocolate

Drinks are a big part of any party and it should always be accessible and abundant! :->

Below were the party-goers....

Ready to rock

Serious about Game 7, great thing the Cardinals won!

We can't waste our precious costumes!

Kiddos with the most fun!

There you have it folks, hope you get some ideas on how to set-up your own party. Clearly, the most important part of any party are the people who are willing to have fun and enjoy anything you may come up with it, and with that, I think Nio's party was a BIG Resounding success!!!


Thank you for reading my blog! Hope you can stop by again sometime! Have a Wonderful Day!!