Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something for FREE at last!

It's not everyday that we get something for Free. Particularly in home decor, these deals come by once ina  blue moon.

So when we got this...

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For FREE - we were ecstatic!

We got them after buying a new recliner for our basement, and since we have been loyal customers at our local furniture store-  Bryan's, they rewarded our loyalty with a pair of these lamps!

I mean, our old lamps had to go....

Has definitely seen better days

Actually, the Shades have to go, but the bases are still ok, they will have a new home in our basement once I get new shades. 

Past glory

We have had these lamps since we got our first house. It came as a set - 2 table lamps and 1 floor lamp for $45 at the Homedepot.  Aside from it's sentimental value, the brushed nickel finish can still go anything, so just wait and see it's eventual "resurrection" in my future posts...

Now, back to my Freebie lamps...

So many options!!
It is a container lamp, and I've always wanted one of these because I can easily change the look of the lamp by changing it's contents. But as of now, I'm still unsure of what to put inside.

Oh well, I guess, you can't have a Freebie without any "Hang-up"! 

Have a wonderful day!

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