Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Antiquing & Thrifting

I had a lovely time going over huge antique malls in Benton, IL last Monday after I dropped of my son off  to summer camp (sniff, sniff :-( ) in the morning. 
Here are some of the interesting items I saw...

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Vintage yard sticks for 25 cents

Gorgeous fabric on this sofa ! - $125

Cool Caning chairs - $ 100

Vintage Arcade games for $125 each

I'm in love with this gorgeous beaded 1920's dress - $250!!!!

This hand-made birdcage had to go home with me, just could not pass it up! :-) - $55

Super cool tin for $5

I did not stop there though, stopped by at my local GOODWILL and scored these...

Brass pots for $1 each! 'Silver' bowl for $1
$10 beauty!!!! Added the shade I had from a broken lamp - SCORE!!!!

After all this window-shopping, we luckily headed off to the lake for some R & R. Perfect way to end this summer day!

Have a Great Day!!!!
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  1. Great finds. You came home with some goodies. I love that tin. The colors are so pretty. Glad you got to relax later on. You look so peaceful.

  2. Cool cane chairs! Hope you're having a fun summer!

  3. That's what I need to do, R&R but I can't. Have to prepare for another trip. Anyway, I love what you bought. Looks like the antique shop has really good buys. That sofa is so pretty and reasonably priced too!...Christine

  4. Those yard sticks make my heart go pitter pat!

  5. What a fun tour - love the pottery and that fabulous lamp you scored! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. The lake ride looks so wonderful! That's where you should be!
    xo Nancy

  7. Great finds! I want some of those yardsticks!

  8. Great finds! I would love to have some great vintage malls like that where we live... of course a boat ride always is tops!

  9. Oh the couch is my favorite! How fun.

    Have a happy weekend!

  10. The lamp is gorgeous! I love antiquing and thrifting but those days are far and few between.

  11. I love the lamp! And look at you having a break from it all and enjoying the view, priceless!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. My girls left for camp today - double sniff! Love your finds - that birdcage is awesome! I just found one myself - but it's very different from yours - German acrylic and orange!

    Have fun relaxing!

  13. Hope you will show us what you do with the bird cage. Some interesting finds today!

  14. OMG! I have that same birdcage! Had it now for over twenty years! I bought it at a garage sale in Colorado for 0.50 cents!!! Actually, I just painted it not long ago, first I thought I would use it in my craft room, but now I think I will put it in my back porch when is finished. Great post!


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