Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cherry Blossom Spring Wreath & A wonderful Surprise

Hooray! I can feel SPRING in the air  at last!

After the last winter storm on Wednesday, the snow has melted so fast, so I'm OPTIMISTIC and POSITIVE that SPRING is almost here!

And to mark this new beginning in our home I had to make our SPRING WREATHS!

Here they are!

This is what we've had the past 3 years - colors faded, dead leaves strewn everywhere.
I ended up recycling our old wreath by adding these...

Cherry Blossom from DOLLAR TREE

I just tucked on each small branch into my grapevine wreath and.....

Viola! Added back our rabbits (used the non-faded side) and hung them on our door.
So easy, I didn't even use any glue gun!

I actually got my inspiration from Andrea at Life Love Larson, check out her fabulous wreath...

She used gorgeous faux tulips on hers.
Thank you Andrea for the inspiration!

I opted to go the 'less expensive' way though, and spent $12 total for both wreaths (6 bunches on each).

Come on in SPRING!
And also, to mark of  this new beginning, I also got a great surprise in the mail yesterday...

]Posted about it on my INSTAGRAM yesterday
with a sweet dedication from the author herself....

My Advanced copy  of KRISTY WOODSON HARVEY'S ( of DESIGN CHIC fame) first novel, "Dear Carolina"!

I am so excited to read this because aside from being a long time fan of her and her mother's fabulous design blog, I have followed Kristy's journey into becoming a full-pledged novelist thru her PERSONAL BLOG! And I know SHE"S THAT GOOD, since she already has Book #2 in the works!!!! So happy for her and so proud too ( kinda like what an older sister would feel for her baby sissy)! You guys will get a chance to read this soon too for sure! I will share about it more later on at a separate post. ;-)

THANK YOU for the trust Kristy and like I always say, a big Congratulations and sending your way a big hug!

Anyway, How about you? Are you gearing up for SPRING YET? Do share away!

It's Spring Break in our household and although we're not going for a vacation this time around, we will be spending some hopefully, marvelous time with 'the sexiest man alive' by the end of the week!!!!! 

Have a Great Week!



  1. Your wreaths are oh so welcoming, Vel. Happy Spring! xo

  2. Beautiful, Vel!! I needed a dose of Spring! Thanks!!!

  3. So glad you were inspired and your wreaths look fabulous!! Love the added bunny touch!! xo

  4. Oh my gosh! Your wreath is wonderful! It's finally feeling a little like Spring and I couldn't possibly be happier!! Thank you for sharing Dear Carolina! I'm so happy you got it and so hope you enjoy!!! The "Design Chic fame" made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure that's totally accurate but the whole post here just totally made my day. Thanks for making it a little bit brighter Sunday! xo Kristy

  5. Cute wreaths, Vel. I have those same cute bunnies and never tire of them. Jane

  6. Your wreaths are simply beautiful, Vel! I love how grapevine wreaths last forever and you can use them over and over...I may try this although I am all thumbs!

    I would love to hear more about the book. I will look for your post.

    Jane x

  7. The wreaths look fabulous I am working into some spring inspiration here and there. That's wonderful about the book by Kristy- what a great success story!

  8. Those wreaths are beautiful! I can't believe they are just Dollar Tree blossoms! I need to hang our spring wreath, I still have our winter pinecone one up.

  9. Very nice. I am planning on planting some dwarf cherry trees this spring..hope they grow!

  10. Gorgeous wreaths, Vel! I adore the colors!

  11. Vel ... your wreaths are so sweet ... and how I need a spring fix here! And ... I follow Kristy on her design blog and had no idea she has an alter ego as author!! So fun ... I will be checking her out!

  12. Pretty wreaths, Vel! They look so fresh though faux and so perfect for spring.....Christine

  13. Beautiful wreaths, Vel! I don't decorate with a lot of pink, so I think it would be fun to add a touch to my front door.

  14. Such pretty wreaths! The adorable moss bunnies is the perfect touch!

  15. Love your wreaths!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. I love and need one of those wreaths. I might just have to make one using cherry blossoms myself!

  17. Great recovery for the olden wreaths.....who doesn't love cherry blossoms? Spring weather has been around here for quite some time. We only had about two weeks of Winter & then jumped right into 70 -- 80 degree weather!

  18. Pretty wreaths, Vel! I am inspired! And I can't wait to read Kristy's book, too; she is so lovely!! :)

  19. What lovely wreaths! I love the bunnies :)

  20. I never would have thought those were dollar store wreaths! So beautiful and springy!!

  21. They turned out great Vel. I need to get my spring wreath up on the door. Thanx for partying at THT!

  22. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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