Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring in the Dining Room

Hello Everyone!

I hope your weekend was wonderful, with or without snow, I know with Easter 2 weeks away, "Spring Fever"is in your mind and home already!

I had a not-so-terrific one since I started the weekend with a viral illness. Luckily, it was over in 48 hours, hence, I'm able to write this post. However, not much done in terms of enjoying the weather outside. :-( 
Again, I'm not complaining, because, like I said last week, I was able to decorate our home for SPRING already!

Let's head off to our Dining room first!

Blue & white remains
 I kept a lot of the blue & white from winter around, the reason being, I'm not tired of it BEING HERE! It made decorating this room so much easier too!

Of course, I added the bunnies and actually moved a few of my blue & white collection to the Living room!

Simple Easter Centerpiece
 I used my 2 older laser-cut felt placemats as a small runner and added my Faux Chocolate bunnies with moss 'rocks' I scored from the Dollar store. 
I also removed the babies breath flowers from my Chinoiserie planter and added my faux white eggs & some carrots. :-)

Absolutely adore these bunnies!
 Every year, my son thinks these are real and would try to take a bite!! LOL! 

Pretty Cherry Blossom stems
I made the Cherry Blossom stems and will share it with you on my next post. I love how long and tall they are and hope you can see the Moss rabbits in between the stems jumping about!

These 2 Silver metallic bunnies (sorry for the picture color) are the only 2 new things I bought for Easter. Got it from a  new local store in town!

My Mirror shelves just got some extra bunny dose too!

There you have it. 
I promise to share with you first how I made my Cherry blossom branches in my next post.

So, are you ready for Spring in your home? The cleaning is the 'hard' part right, I try to do it one room at a time, and so it doesn't feel overwhelming. It does take longer, but the 'quality' of cleaning, I think, is better.

Have a Great week!


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  1. Very pretty Vel! Love the faux chocolate bunnies - I have several myself, just like your cute moss bunnies. I have been looking for a spot to use mine this year. Looking forward to hearing about your cherry blossoms, they are gorgeous. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Jane

  2. You are right...the blue and white is still perfect for spring. The chocolate bunnies look too real, I don't blame your son a bit!!. And this is such a wonderful centerpiece!!!

    I hope we get better weather soon, snow predicted up north here tomorrow.

    I hope you are feeling better with each day...but you are the doctor and know best! :)

    Jane xxx

  3. Vel, I just adore the blue and white. What a gorgeous seasonal makeover. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal....Mimi xxx

  4. Wait, you MADE the cherry blossoms??!! Can't wait to see that tutorial!
    Beautiful decor!

  5. Just beautiful, Vel! So funny that your son wanted to take a bite of those bunnies! They do look kind of chocolaty, now that you mention it! Ha ha. Love the gold bunnies mixed in with the blue & white too. Well done!

  6. I love your centerpiece! So creative and "sweet", I can just imagine when my children were little some bunny ears slowly disappearing. Super cute.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  7. Love all your bunnies! Great idea to use two placemats as a small runner too!

  8. Vel, Your dining room is beautiful and decorated so pretty for Spring! Of course I love all the blue and white.

  9. Beautiful spring decor Vel! Love it all your blue and white with the bunnies!!
    Hope you are feeling much better!!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  10. I love those faux chocolate bunnies! They look so real. Can't believe you made the cherry blossoms!

  11. I absolutely love your mirror and the grid work on the walls. Did you or someone else have a hand in producing these? Those chocolate bunnies - I don't blame your son for wanting to take a bit. Again, did you paint these? And your chandy? Did you paint it?
    What I like the most is you've left all the wooden furniture natural and not painted. I know that's not the "in thing" but it is a personal preference of mine.
    I'm fairly new to your blog so have all these questions.
    Enjoy your spring!

    1. Hi Cathy! I hope you get this, I can't seem to find your email. I bought the grid art from Ballard design years ago and the chandy came the way it is, with the black velvet shades and chrome finish.Thank you so much for following along!

    2. Hi Vel, yes I did get your email. Thanks. Don't you find that you see something you like that someone is wearing or in their homes and when you ask Oh I love it! they always say Oh, I've had if for years! Or (here in Canada) they say Oh I got that in the States! Some day I'll find something I like and they'll say I bought it ABC Store last week down at the mall. :-)
      Take care,

  12. So pretty! Love those faux chocolate bunnies! They look good enough to eat and the cherry blossoms are beautiful!

  13. Your bunnies are all so cute -- I'm with your son, they look so real! I think your blue dishes are just beautiful, Vel!

  14. It all looks beautiful as always, Vel. If those bunnies were real, they would never last on my table…so pretty! So glad you are feeling better…

  15. I love your bunny collection, and I want a bite of a chocolate bunny, too! Putting two pretty placemats together for a runner; so clever!

  16. Love your centerpiece with the bunnies and your blue and white. And those cherry blossoms...can't wait to see how you made them. So pretty.

  17. Looks great! I love your collection of blue/white vases. I have no idea how you do it all!

  18. Love your Blue & White collection! and the tip to put two place mats together is something I will use!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About, Monday-Thursday link party!

  19. Hi Vel! Oh, your dining room is just beautiful! I love your ghost chairs! The blue and whites are so pretty and your spring arrangement is darling! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Hi Vel,
    Glad you are feeling much better, and you sure did a great job on your dining room. Love all those
    real looking faux choc. bunnies.......they are so cute. My hubby just happened to walk in and see
    them and said wow, look at those choc. bunnies he thought they were real........and they sure do
    look real. Love all your blue ware too, very pretty.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Blesssings, Nellie

  21. I love your chocolate bunny centerpiece! Those silver bunnies also go really well with the blue China!

  22. I'm with your son, Vel! They look real enough to eat!

  23. Love all of your gorgeous blue and white and those chocolate bunnies are just stunning. So pretty.

  24. It all looks so pretty, Vel! Your blue and white collection is beautiful, and I love the cherry blossoms! I would have no self-control if those were real bunnies. :)

  25. Let me hop, hop, hop over :) Looking so fun, festive and fabulous for Easter!! And I can't wait to see how you made the cherry blossom stems. Beautiful, Vel. xoxo

  26. I am a fan of blue and white and I love the pop of green you added! Great dining room. Cynthia @FeedingBig

  27. Hi Vel, Spring has sprung in your dinning room! Love the table centerpiece with the big blue container filled with eggs and carrots and those bunnies are the cutest!

  28. What a gorgeous dining room you have Vel ! I LOVE those cherry blossoms - and that art work on the back wall - omg - that's just soooo beautiful !
    Happy Spring

  29. Everything is gorgeous but it's the two metallic bunnies that stole my heart. Great finds! Thanks for sharing at Share Your Style!! xo

  30. All is beautiful!!! The blue porcelain is stunning! Thanks for sharing this!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft


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