Thursday, July 30, 2015

El Nido, Palawan Philippines

You know I spent almost a month back in the Philippines in June, and aside from my Sister' wedding we attended, we also toured a bit in our beautiful home country!

And today, I just wanted to share with you one the breath-taking place we visited with my family
 - El Nido
On our way to our first Island stop

Just breath-taking up close

The beach going to a secret Lagoon
We visited 7 islands total on this Island Hopping expedition, and each one, as breath-taking as the the next.

Under water was also wonderful...

Hi Nemo!

Snorkeling photos from Shimizu Island

I even got to see a sea turtle, but alas, was too fast for me in the water! LOL!

Where we had our lunch - Talulah Island

I just had to share these beautiful islands with you since I was just blown away by all the natural beauty that surrounded me here.
I will definitely be back someday to visit and see the other islands ( there are total of 42, we visited only 7 according to our guide).

Sunset from our room

Next time, I'll share with you an interesting home we visited up North - a home of a former dictator/President!

I'll be very busy this weekend, 2 high school friends and their family are spending the weekend with us. It'll be very fun for sure, but also a bit 'chaotic' in our household!

Have a Great Weekend Friends!


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  1. These islands are stunning. Such gorgeous rock formations and vegetation

  2. Beautiful pics!!! So wonderful that you got to spend so much time there. Love the underwater pics too!

  3. Wow what a gorgeous place! Beautiful pictures, Vel!

  4. Gorgeous rock formations! I love the beautiful underwater photos as well!

  5. Wow Vel! These are spectacular! Thanks for sharing.


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