Friday, September 22, 2017

Past ORC Rooms - THEN & NOW

First of all, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your positive comments and compliments of my East vs. West Fall Home tour! I also appreciate all the positive thoughts and words of comfort for my recent personal issues. Words are powerful and it helps to know that I have a lot blogger friends out there who are supportive, I truly am grateful!

So today,  I want to walk a little bit down memory lane and talk about my past ORC rooms!

Ok, the next ONE ROOM CHALLENGE starts in a few weeks!

So I thought I'd revisit the past 3 ORC rooms I did and what they look like now.

1) TWEEN BOY BEDROOM - Fall 2013

It seems like yesterday when I first joined the ORC with my first born son's bedroom. He was only 13 y/o then and we wanted to fix his room up for our young man. Now he's a junior in HS applying for college and I just get a bit teary-eyed thinking he'll be living his room soon!!!


The same room NOW

We had to make the bed into a bunk bed again when we redid our other son's room, so we had to re-arrange everything in the space.

2) SAFARI GLAM NURSERY -  Spring 2015

For the 2nd time I joined, we did Sophia's nursery!  She was almost 1 year old when we did her room because as you may know, we combined her nursery initially with our Master Bedroom!


Nursery/Toddler Room NOW

Major change would be the crib into the bed. I also removed the juju hat and replaced it with a mirror, but overall, the room still works well for our young lady!


And for the very latest ORC room I did, it was for my middle child, who also like his brother, has become a Tween overnight! LOL!


This room has not changed much since my son still loves anything STAR WARS but he does have more Marvel and DC comic books in his book shelf than before.

I hope you can join me as I tackle the most important room in our house (for me)! Can you guess what it is?

I'll be very busy this coming week preparing for my daughter's 3rd birthday! Can you believe it?! I can't! We're having a "Moana Themed Hawaiian Party" so I'm super busy preparing for that! I hope to share it with you soon!

Have a Great weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. All of your makeovers have been amazing. Can't wait to see the next one and I also can't believe your daughter is going to be three. She's growing up so fast.

  2. You really have done some beautiful rooms! Have fun planning the party. It sounds like it will be adorable!

  3. Each room is so splendidly done---are you a part time decorator? The room changes for Sophia are perfect for her age and I love how you reused pieces. LOVE. Your teen son must be so happy with the way you have made his room comfy and age appropriate.

    Please, come upstate and help me! SOS!


  4. Oh Moana...even my teenage girls are smitten wit her! Enjoy and Happy Birthday to your threenager! ;)

  5. Every room looks amazing and so personalized. I bet your kids just love their rooms...,,,Christine

  6. Wow these rooms are fabulous. So love that you have made beautiful and creative spaces for your kiddos. Happy New Week.


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