Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Using my Thrift Store Finds at Home

I've been showing off all the bargains I've acquired. But I realized I never show you how I use them in my home! So here's what I did with my latest acquisitions...

4 Nate Berkus boxes for TARGET from GOODWILL!
Check out the price - that's down from an original $20++  for each!!

Even if I don't use these decoratively, it would make great gift boxes don't you think?

And here's where they are now...

Actually have my shades inside

Good enough as risers too!

Or just simply as a decorative object

Here's another one from GOODWILL

$4.99 brand new table runner
Now sits on our buffet table!

My last find has no spot yet. But I grabbed it anyway, a cute Ikat print blue pillow for $4.99!

And remember these?

Currently in my Dining room 

Hope you got some ideas!

Have a Nice day!

Pardon my Blog's appearance, I've been doing some tweaking and it's not been going so well as you can see... expect changes soon!


  1. You got AMAZING finds! I never find new items like that in my local thrift shops! I see you're enjoying each and every one of them :)
    I'm in due time to do a tweaking to my blog too, if only I can find the time and the know how!

  2. I see the comment button now. Btw, we have a huge Goodwill outlet here and that's where I bought my louvres ( which I showed you)
    I love all the surprises i oould fin over there. Yours tho look really fab and sophisticated. Maybe it's in the credenza? hihi

  3. Those are some great boxes you found at the Goodwill and you displayed them beautifully! I wish I had a Goodwill nearby, the closest one is miles away.

  4. Oh I love all of your wonderful treasures. Fantastic. I really like the way you make your Goodwill treasures look like a million dollars. That take talent. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  5. Such pretty little boxes Vel! I wish I could make some pretty finds like that;) I also really love that driftwood mirror I spotted in your house... how cool is that!!

  6. My Goodwill does not anything nearly so cool. In fact, our small yucky town in Pennsylvania had better thrifting than here. Go figure. Lucky for you to get such great bargains.


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