Monday, February 20, 2017

Family Valentine

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day with your family! Today, just wanted to share with you how we celebrated ours, which by now you know, has become some sort of tradition in our household.

We started Valentines day with a special breakfast I prepared for my family.

 I used some heart-shaped plates I scored from last year and my Norman Rockwell mugs for the occassion. Simple doily chargers for our simple Valentine meal.

I had a card and gift for the kids

On the morning of, my hubs and kids surprised me with this...

Donuts, tulips, roses and balloons
 Hubs bought the donuts so I wouldn't have to prepare breakfast but I already had the breakfast planned.
I made Chocolate chip red velvet pancakes which was supposed to be heart-shaped ;-)

I made Hot cocoa for breakfast too

Donuts hubby got

My balloon

For dinner our meal was very simple and also has become a tradition of sorts, heart-shaped pizza!

Southwest Chicken Salad, macarons

Our special pizza and I made a heart-shaped chocolate cake too!

Yes, i do lots of sweets for my sweets
Our kid-friendly drink

Overall it was a very fun Valentines for all of us. Hope you enjoyed this short post of mine!

Happy President's Day!


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  1. How fun and sweet. Glad you have this tradition with your family. All the yummies too. I miss that we do not have Krispy Kremes by us anymore. They were so good hot and delish as they made them fresh. Melted in your mouth. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Such a fun and wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Nice family tradition.


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