Sunday, February 26, 2017

Master Closet One year Anniversary Update

One of my most popular posts last year was  anything and everything that had to do with my MASTER CLOSET - my BEST VALENTINE GIFT EVER. And since it has been a year since I revealed this little 'piece of heaven' of mine, I just wanted to give you a few updates on it!

Not a lot has changed for sure, and I think that was a testament for how good the design worked for US! And my sanity each morning has been kept everyday because I knew where everything was.

I re-organized my bags - some addition to my growing collection was added for sure! ;-)
I decided to keep most of my bags inside their boxes because of the dust. I still have not figured out how to put glass doors on my Bag cabinet so until then, most of my bags (except the ones too cute to keep in boxes), will be inside their box or dust bag.

My Jewelry area/Vanity is kept the same
I added this since the last time too...

Another extra pull-out shelf

It houses some of my sunglasses and other accessories

Still the same here

... and here

My hubs lost a shelf since I put it on my side

There you have it, short and sweet. I hope you join me on my next post as I share a REVEAL of a room I had just finished! Can you guess what room?

Have a Great Week!


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  1. You are such a stylish lady, Vel, and you deserve a gorgeous, spacious space like this. Now I wonder, it's great to have all this room but is it a chore to keep it organized? I feel like when I clean up my jewelry box...heck, a closet, I have to keep at it or it gets messy again. Tips?

    My son bought his home and practically gutted it to make it the way he wanted. He surprised his girlfriend (now wife) with a dressing room. It's about 11 X 12. I can only dream!!

    Jane x

  2. So beautiful and organized! I am so jealous. :)


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