Friday, February 10, 2017

Throw Pillow Crush

Ok, you know how it is when you go out and look for something in particular and totally find something different in the end that you absolutely love? Well, this was one of those moments.

I was browsing thru the different home decor websites when I eventually ended up at Hobby Lobby.
I won't tell you exactly what I was looking for (it's a surprise for my spring decor) but it was definitely for a new pillow. And since I thought I was done with my Blue & White Winter Decor ( you can check it out HERE), I wasn't paying much to the Blue and white pillows. But then, I SAW IT...

So pretty

Love it's contemporary touch against my traditional Chiang-mai pillow

Here is up close....
Totally in love, and the price? Check it out below...

 Yes!! It's true and with a 40% coupon, you know how much I got my babies for? $5.99 each!!!!! Crazy good! That was why I had to share it with you in case you needed new pillow covers (or not)!

My Ikea toile' pillows moved to my chairs over here

And I am as happy as can be

These pillows remind by the way of these...

DIY Indigo Marbles ornaments by Alice and Lois
DIY marbled Indigo Pumpkins by Alice & Lois
Which I plan to do for my decor this year!  Hope you all have a great week my friends, thank you for your always supportive comments!!!!

P.S. I have in no way been contacted or compensated for my product placement here. All opinion written here are my own.


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. I love those pillows, what a fantastic bargain and so pretty.

  2. That is an insane price and they look amazing in your living room! Happy Saturday!

  3. Just gorgeous Vel. What a wonderful deal. Happy Sunday.

  4. I can't believe those are from Hobby Lobby! Such a great deal!

  5. Such beautiful and inexpensive pillow covers. Great find!


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